Aca les dejo unos videos tutoriales de Minesight para que Bueno gente aca les dejo algunos manuales de Minesight, Surpac, Vulcan y otros. Map3D User’s Manual. Map3D International Ltd Publisher. Map3D Intenrational Ltd. Email: [email protected] Web: Tel: 1 . English; Español (Colombia). . Contenido de KEYWORDS: MineSight®, mine planning, coal, geological modeling, Open pit, mine design, Vale, Colombia . Manual de evaluación técnico-económica de proyectos mineros de inversión. pp.

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The upthrust block in the studied area is located east of the fault, whereas the dropped minesigth is near the La Loma syncline axis. Snowden is thrilled to bring you the new, high power, high productivity, Supervisor V8. Ventsim products are underground mine ventilation simulation packages designed to simulate airflows, pressure and heats and many other types of ventilation data from a modelled network of airways.

DYNA, year 78, Nro. Fast and Accurate – allowing you to build models to rapidly interrogate airflow, velocity, humidity, dust, noxious fumes, diesel particulate, rock heat and refrigeration data. Esaol que les sirva y compartan con sus colegas. In this project, the calculated lifespan was 10 years, assuming that each phase is extracted in one year.

Likewise, the MSOPIT and MSVALP tools were used to present the economic envelopes along with some information kanual by the company, namely the production requirements per phase and the economic pit limit found by the analysis.

It was defined that the phase would span one year ee mining. Quickly and easily handle multiple elements, domains, and indicators. It also shows the fault crossing the seams and how it has displaced them.

The design and planning for the Las Cuevas mine is expected to be carried out in In addition, as mines become deeper and hotter, smarter and more extensive thermodynamic modelling of ventilation circuits is required.

  IC LF353 PDF

Other file formats are less common, hence difficult to handle; however mapinfo can import srg files, not msr as far as I know. Figure 3 shows the area of the synclinal axis between the two projects. After this, operational pits were designed using the Pit Expansion tool to optimally exploit the site and facilitate economic balance throughout the project whilst retaining the minseight parameters dr the company’s geology department.

geomin – Minesight

This allowed us to simulate the conditions of the theoretical case study. So by any chance is there an option to export as shapefiles? Our software is compatible with all Windows operating systems and runs using a simple hardlock that attaches to your computer.

Currently, this is the only data available on the El Hatillo and Las Cuevas mines. The Supervisor suite includes three integrated application modules: I don’t know much about the software, but it appears that it can import shapefiles. Thus, they will not be exploited because their net value is negative.

Maximisor V6 – for conditional simulation. Finally, short-term planning was mamual out using the Interactive Planner IP tool, which allowed us to construct 2 phases by generating a polygon with half a bench to represent the solids for each extraction phase.

Three basic sequential aspects that are common to all modeling processes were taken into account when creating the geological model: Get results up to 10 times faster using optimised algorithms. It also shows the preliminary design for the Las Cuevas mine. In order to create the economic design for the mining phases, it was necessary to define the production objectives for each one of them.

Two miesight can be seen: We offer both Single and Network Licenses. Publicado por Hardy Sahuanay en 8: The solids for each seam were generated using the linker tool. It is here that the topographic coding took place Figure 7.


Did you mean MineSight by Mintec? Optimise ventilation to reduce cost. These seams are in a synclinal structure that is predominant in the zone.

Additionally, the program uses production requirements to calculate the project’s lifespan. Figure 2 shows the final exploitation plan for the El Hatillo mine for Figure 9 is an analysis which demonstrates that there is a portion of the seams in the project whose extraction would not be profitable, as they are located outside the economic limit.


mineskght For qualified universities, education licenses are also available. Get new and compare results quickly with powerful graphing tools, floating windows, and data filters. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

The production requirements for each period were taken into account during this process. A theoretical case study was created to illustrate the procedure that will be followed to model and design Vale Coal’s Las Cuevas mine.

The software is currently used by over mines, epaol, consultants and research organisations throughout the world. The study of the theoretical case yielded the following results: To export from minesight, just epaol click on the linear feature material in minesight and select appropriate export filter.