Buy a cheap copy of Love Without Conditions: Reflections of book by Paul Ferrini. The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. The Paperback of the Love without Conditions (Reflections of The Christ Mind Series) by Paul Ferrini at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on. The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. Rarely has any book conveyed the teachings of the master in such a simple but.

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Also liked the part about being “unrehearsed” and spontaneous Refresh and try again. Jul 01, Keri conditiohs it really liked it. The body is just the wirhout of your beliefs. Books by Paul Ferrini.

It does not take long before the words attributed to me are the opposite of the ones that I have said. And a guilty world will be punished and so will you. My explanation is to simple. That belief is the only belief that needs to be changed. It is an essential part of the curriculum of awakening.

They are an untruth that you sustain. Search Awakin Readings Or search by year or author.

You cannot love in an unloving way. Nov 25, Wesley rated it it was amazing.

All are subject to some form of self conscription. In the face of the call for retribution, I have stood and will continue to stand for forgiveness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Apr 18, Jo Williams rated it it was amazing. Have an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment, and to make the best out of each experience. I will not force myself upon anyone.

But if punishment is brought, his false ideas will be reinforced, and guilt will be added to them. And so long as you are blaming someone else for your problems, you are refusing to offer forgiveness to yourself. This book will help you to bring your understanding from the head to the heart so that you can model the teachings of love and forgiveness in your daily life. Practice The very word practice invites misunderstanding. God and unconditional love are identical -Mehar baba. Better to begin by bringing an awareness to your own thoughts.


Mother Theresa also practised the above and we know the influence she had in this world for the poorest of the poor.

Love Without Conditions Excerpt — Light for the Soul

If someone acts wrongly, it is because he thinks thoughts that are ferruni. You cannot but come face to face with your own wounds. So we must question why we fear the things others remind us about ourselves. On Sep 27, David Reddy wrote: Apr 24, Karen rated it really liked it. Thank you for this exceptional form of love.

Love Without Conditions by Paul Ferrini

I know that it is hard for you to believe this, for so much that you see in your world suggests inequity. Sounds a bit much to put onto one frrrini, I know, but it was just what I needed to edge over into that dawn of realization those many years ago.

Accept this fact, even for an instant, and your life would be withoutt. Since all your brothers and sisters are acting out of shame-based patterns, they cannot offer you the love you know that you deserve, nor can you offer it to them.

Whenever you feel that someone is questioning your self worth, you will be ready to pull the trigger. In that sense, you are not special. O This book was recommended to me from a dear friend. To me it gave the taste of an author trying to use another form of psychological manipulation in order to try and entice the reader towards his belief. We are raised in a world by conditional love of me,mine; my wife, my husband, my children, my house, my job, my car, my city, my country, my religious beliefs, my political views, my opinions, etc All negativity in your life will fall away as you undo this simple erroneous belief about yourself.


One MUST keep an open mind and expand family circle to one big universal family. Until you look pzul the mirror and see your own beliefs reflected there, you will be using every brother or ferrino in your experience as a mirror to show you what you believe about yourself. An elementary school got shot up by a raving lunatic last year — BAD; the end.

Love without Conditions

Every word is to be contemplated. The author chose to write the book in the first person as if Jesus himself were speaking to the reader. You make many of the same mistakes. Looking for unconditional love in a world of conditions must inevitably fail. Judge and jury live within your own thoughts. The blurb describing this book on this site starts: This is the realm of practice. The Best Books of It is free of the laws of time and space yet operates with spontaneous efficacy within them.