This story based on magic realism shows the power of love and sweetness of life. It captures the gratitude of the children toward their parents. Flax-Golden Tales Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu Four Levels of Interactions Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone ( – ) For: BA/BBS First Year. Life is Sweet at Kumansenu – Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leone (). Literal Comprehension. The story is about a family in a small African.

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So, he could be called Mr. But it is only passing fancy.

In reality, of course, Marvell sweeh the entire poem. Behind the flock, he noticed Perico, who bowed his head to have seen his master.

Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

Kelada because it had been addressed to him. He changed his mind toward the drama. Her son Megi was in government job as a clerk. In “To His Coy Mistress,” this argument may be outlined as follows: When Bola and Meji met they showed a strong spiritual bond of love between them.

He had sacrificed his love to Asi and hopen to give children love to Bola. Is there any space for our satisfaction? This story reminded me my villagers who believe that after death spirit, comes to house and scares the people much like Nepali superstitious people the people of Africa believe on spirit, rebirth and such thing.

Eventually I may push myself to go after an MBA degree, but for now I will go with the short term goal of my Bachelors degree. Thus, we can get exact information from a properly conducted experiment. Bola asked Meji about bad smell of dead body in the room that Meji convinced her telling that it might be dead rat.


Metaphysical poetry, pioneered by John Donne, tends to focus on the following: Chaudhary appreciates to the decision o f some developed countries like United States, Canada, Sweden and Norway have banned in the use of cfcs in aerosol sprays. Anyway, the child did not die young. As soon as the school children left the ground Lucas would start to share his affection to parrot taking the hot chocolate in his hand.

Ruby deposits occur in various parts of the world, but the most precious ones are found in Asia, including Myanmar BurmaIndia, Thailand, Sri, Lanka, Afghanistan, and Russia.

We try to make TeenInk. In the end, the drama succeeds in criticizing the development going on in the theater by showing the departure of an immensely talented actor. In Greek mythology, the sun was personified as the god Apollo, who rode his golden chariot from east to west each day. They return their home.

Actually, life is full of expectations.

Life is Sweet | Teen Ink

Ramsay asked him to guess its price max Kelada confidently said that it would cost dollars in general trade but on the 5th avenue, it would even cost dollars. The parrot was kept in a cage above the school door under the show of the palm leaves. But she denied marrying him for his being an artist. When she kumanenu visiting us when I was 11 years old, she took me to a bookstore and had me pick out 5 new books for myself.


Her name was Bola with her seven years old granddaughter named Asi. Its lower latitude and volcanic history yield it a mild climate and rich soil.

Some had swollen up and with weak, plaintive cries had faded away. For myself, even though I took a 6 year break from college, I love school.

Life Is Sweet At Kumansenu – Four Levels | Flax Golden Tales

Once a gentleman by cutting off flea’s hind legs draws a conclusion that it hears from the hind legs since it couldn’t jump despite his order and he had already tried by amputating other parts of it. At that time Mrs.

But, Bola did not allow to the people to do so. Why didn’t they look around, realize what was going on and stop it before it was too late? He recalls his life in the army and then his subsequent transfer to the field of art.

We all expect that our next move will bring us great fortune but at the end the result may by different. Chaudhary brings an example of science fiction to persuade us about the terrible effects of careless scientific inventions.

I love learning new things and I like being good at the things I take on. That is to say, we no longer fight with the sticks and stones but we have highly modern weapons.

The statues had all still been standing in ; however kumqnsenu all had been pulled down.