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The result is that the flip-flop clock is forced high preventing any transition of the flip-flop internal clock tree for all stages or cells where the output is low.

Low power scannable counter. Laurent Souef has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. The test arrangement comprises a test control input; a test output coupled to the respective internal supply rails and control means, coupled to the test control input for enabling a selected cluster of switches ; in laureent test mode.

Design for test area optimization algorithm.

Laurent Souef – Semantic Scholar

Existing ATPG tools may be used without modification by performing scan insertion on laurennt “dummy” circuit and performing ATPG on the scan-augmented dummy circuit.

Patrick Da Silva, Laurent Souef. A key handling circuit for a switching matrix having row and column conductors includes bidirectional drives for the row conductors and the column conductors. The row drive and the column drive are in a low conductive condition except when a relevant key switch is activated. Jerome Bombal, Laurent Souef. Laurent Souef, Didier Gayraud. A method of testing an integrated circuit, comprises providing a test vector to a laurentt register arrangement by providing test vector bits in laurebt into the shift register arrangement 20 timed with a first, scan, clock signal A lairent implemented circuit synthesis system includes a memory, an automatic test pattern generation ATPG algorithm, and processing circuitry.

Each of the stages or cells comprises a flip-flop and a multiplexer which together operate as a toggle flip-flop only when all of the previous flip-flops are set. Thus, no power consumption of such stages takes place during functional operation.

The memory is configured to provide a database, and is operative to store a netlist including nets of an integrated circuit under design. An integrated circuit is disclosed comprising a plurality of circuit portionseach of the circuit portions having an internal supply rail coupled to a global supply rail via a cluster of switches ; coupled in parallel between the internal supply rail and the global supply rail Clock-skew resistant chain of sequential cells.


The invention relates to a testable integrated circuit. Computer implemented circuit synthesis system. Pseudo-scan testing using hardware-accessible IC structures.

In order to replace ground and VDD in certain points of such a circuit, the circuit comprises a cell 34 which comprises a flipflop 11 and means 31 able to set the output voltage of the cell when the circuit is in the operation mode.

Furthermore, the method can be implemented without requiring additional complexity of the testing circuitry to be integrated onto the circuit substrate.

Laurent Souef

A method of discriminating between different types of simulated scan failures includes simulating a scan enable signal to a circuit represented by a netlist corresponding to a scan chain coupled to combinatorial logic being tested, simulating initiation of a data capture cycle in the netlist corresponding to the scan chain, the data capture cycle simulating a series of scan flops from the scan chain being simulated together with the combinatorial logic and simulating scanning data out from each flop in the scan chain and into a test program.

The resulting ATPG vectors are then modified to perform pseudo scan of selected components of the original circuit. Laurent Souef, Emmanuel Alie. Cell with fixed output voltage for integrated circuit. Method of discriminating between different types of scan failures, computer readable code to cause suef display to graphically depict one or more simulated scan output data sets versus time and a computer implemented circuit simulation and fault detection system.

The output response of the integrated circuit to the test vector is provided under the control of a second clock skuef 56 which is slower than the first clock signal.

BibTeX records: Laurent Souef

This testing method speeds up the process by increasing the speed of shifting test vectors and results into and out of the shift register, but without comprising the stability of the testing process. Frederic Natali, Laurent Souef.

A low power scannable asynchronous counter which is fully testable and which consumes low power in a functional mode consists of counter cells cascaded through NOR gate circuits to which clock signals are applied for each of the stages or cells.


The test vector bits are passed between adjacent portions laurebt the shift register arrangement timed with the first clock signal 42 and an output response of the integrated circuit to the test vector is provided and analyzed. Each cluster of switches ; has a first switch having a first size and a second switch having a second size, a fault-free first switch having a higher resistance than a fault-free second switch The term “pseudo-scan” is used to refer to the use of read and write instructions to achieve the equivalent effect as scan insertion without the addition of scan flops.

dblp: Laurent Souef

In the scan test mode, the counter operates as a shift register and it is fully testable. In an integrated circuit incorporating a series of sequential cells SEQ 1 -SEQ 7 implementing a shift function, clock skew problems are avoided by interconnecting the cells in order starting with the cell SEQ 3 having greatest clock latency and ending with the cell SEQ 7 having smallest clock latency. The automatic test pattern generation ATPG algorithm is operative to design and test an integrated circuit design.

The row drive provides a current input for the column drive in one phase of operation and the column drive provides a current input for a row drive in a second phase of operation. The IC further comprises a test arrangement for testing the respective clusters of switches ; in a test mode.

These means for setting the output voltage are controlled by a control signal 15 which depends lautent the mode signal that indicates whether the signal is in the test mode or in the operation mode. The test program extracts the simulated scan flops sourf graphically displays the simulated scan flops versus time. Method of testing an integrated circuit by simulation. The present invention, generally speaking, provides an integrated circuit testing technique in which hardware accessibility of selected components is exploited in order to avoid scan insertion overhead but achieve as good or better fault coverage than if scan insertion had been used.