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Velociraptor Film Universe There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version.

In the Velociraptor’s Nest by Christie Sims; Alara Branwen – FictionDB

However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…. Velociraptor is a species that needs no introduction to Jurassic fans, its identity seared into our imaginations as the ultimate apex predator birthed from InGens labs. However, as prominent as the species of dinosaur is in the Jurassic Park films, it is often shrouded in mystery, and defined by complex behavioral traits.

In the Masrani era, a new Velociraptor program was spawned, and it eventually gave birth to many animals, though only four have been featured in the films. The Velociraptor of fossil record was a species of dinosauria that lived roughly 75 to 71 million years ago during the latter part of the Cretaceous Period, velocirzptor and around Mongolia.

It was one the first species to be revived by InGen in through their De-extinction process [Note: Masrani Global initially reported it was the first — their records later changed to say Triceratops was]. They were planned to be exhibited at Jurassic Park before its abandonment hhe were velocirator revived for Project I. There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting the sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version.

However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet nsst, 13 feet long and weigh over llbs. While the skull structure varies between each subset, they all feature a pronounced orbital socket with distinct antorbital fenestra ridges.

Much like many modern reptiles, these animals mouths were lined with a strong lip structure. Agile and remarkably strong, Velociraptors are incredible jumpers and can reach speeds of up to mph in the open. Purportedly the second most intelligent species on the planet after mankindVelociraptor intelligence surpasses that of Chimpanzees and Dolphins. While incredibly aggressive, they are also very social animals with a complex pack dynamic. Like velciraptor inverse of a pride of lions, Velociraptors are typically observed with one or a few females leading the pack, with males making up the majority of the population.

Velociraptors typically stay near their nest, and venture out further to hunt — though they have velocjraptor observed leaving their territory if they still perceive previous vdlociraptor as a threat. Velociraptors are particularly defensive of their nests and eggs.

However, the animals have been known to fight amongst themselves to earn that spot — and those fights can often prove deadly.

Interview with Alara Branwen, author In The Velociraptor’s Nest

Further tne methods include general body language, and the tapping of their killing claws. Both the males and females have piercing, veiny eyes with vertical pupils and nearly identical physical builds.

The largest difference between each sex is colour of their skin and eyes. All dinosaurs created for Jurassic Park by InGen were intended to be female, and as such these were the Velociraptor [initially] housed within Isla Nublar. The nedt Velocirapors sport green eyes, with skin that is primarily a muted orangeish brown, with darker brown horizontal speckling and splotching overtop.


Their underbelly is a lighter beige color, which transitions to hte darker hues the higher it goes up the body. The females have very little distinct striping or spotting, and can appear rather uniform in color, resembling gunmetal green until closer, well lit inspection. Natural born male V.

When a sex change occurs within the dinosaur population, it remains unclear if their physical coloration changes to match. As Velociraptors were breeding in Jurassic Park, but only the female attributes were observed, it stands to reason only those born male sport the coloration listed above. Like their female counterparts, the male v. The second distinct subset of Velociraptor cloned by InGen, its creation date remains shrouded in mystery.

First and tthe observed on Isla Sorna init is wholly possible this subset of raptor was not bred until after Masrani Global took ownership of InGen in Without further information solidifying this subspecies origins, it remains undetermined.

The male and female v. Both are made distinct from their v. The eye socket is surrounded with a splash of vivid blood red skin, only seen elsewhere around their toes. Their skin is a semi-uniform cream color, with irregular charcoal brown covering its back from skull to tail, following the spine. From the spine there are occasional roughly defined vertical stripes, only slightly extending downward. From their ribs and hips below, small irregular horizontal striping occurs in blotchy patterns, also in the charcoal brown color.

The females are the clearly alphas of their packs, with only one observed in Jurassic Park 3 commanding a pack of males in their effort to retrieve stolen eggs. They seem to be more cunning than their male counterparts, and more reserved with their actions than their V.

Their skin is primarly a muted fleshy purple, molted with charcoal grey splotching of a similar tone. Their eye sockets are surrounded by vibrant blue skin, and the antorbital fenestra ridge highlighted by a brighter red velocirapttor — this red can also be seen atop their skull, and around their fingers.

Their underbelly is a yellow cream color that is occasionally interjected by the darker grey splotches. Incredibly social, these animals are intelligent velocirzptor cunning predators that will protect ib pack at great lengths.

Velociraptors are in reality the third acknowledged subset of Velociraptor created by InGen Based upon the V. Very similar in build and looks to the v. Further, they have velociraptoe, more flexible rubbery skin, featuring more visible fleshy tones. Their eyes are yellow-orange with vertical pupils much like v.

While roughly the same size and shape as their v. There are 4 different V. Blue is a uniquely modified V. Blue is the largest and stockiest raptor of the I. Her nasal cavities velocirzptor more forward facing and pronounced due to the additional width of her skull. Her unique scute coverage is most pronounced on her orbital ridge, lower jaw hinge, top rear of the skull, and run down the back and sides of her neck.

Her body shape is very close to velodiraptor of the V. Her most notable color feature is her asymmetrical lateral stripe which starts at each eye, and runs down the the sides of her body.

The stripes are almost black nnest blue color, which have a iridescent sheen that gives off a lighter blue appearance.

Each stripe is highlighted with white at velocirwptor edges, making it stand out even more. Blue is the Alpha of her pack, and was a uniquely thoughtful and empathetic animal since birth. These traits allowed her to not only take command of the pack of her peers, but to work with Owen, trusting him, and extending her familial circle to include him. These unique traits are hardwired into her DNA and are not currently present in any other Velociraptor, living or dead.


Charlie is a uniquely modified V. Charlie is a slimmer member of the raptor pack, identifiable by her light green color with dark green vertical stripes. Like her peers, her body shape is very close to that of the V. The stripes are a dark jade green with thin light cream highlights, starting at the base of the skull and neck, running the length of her body and tail. The youngest member of the raptor pack, Charlie was the final V.

Charlie is the least seasoned of the pack, and youthfully inconsistent and unpredictable with her actions. However, Charlie was deeply loyal to Blue, constantly looked to her for leadership, and has been known to even give up her food for her. As such, Charlie also looks to Owen for guidance, but is confused over his place in the pack. Charlie, often chipper and overly enthusiastic, would accidentally smack other members of the pack with her tail causing frustration amongst kn peers.

Delta is a uniquely modified V. Delta is identifiable by her darker green color, and pronounced antorbital fenestra ridges not unlike on seen in V. Her skull structure is similar to V. Her nostrils are more forward facing and pronounced due to the additional width of her skull. Her skin is darkest on the top of her body, and sides of her arms and legs. Unlike Charlie, she does not have any prominent striping, but has distinguished teal coloration around her eyes.

There were some reports that Delta had unique eyes, with Gecko like pupils — however, evidence suggests otherwise as her eyes look the same as her packmates. The second eldest member of the raptor pack, Delta was born sometime after Always loyal to Blue, she often led coordinated attacks pushing prey into ambushes.

Delta was incredibly intelligent, with thoughtful birdlike behavior and quick movements. While loyal to her Alpha, she was a proficient hunter and capable of strong independent decision making. Echo was a V.

Echo is similar in build to Charlie, and shares the most similarities to V. Echo appears orangeish brown in color, with a cream underbelly, and dark vertical stripes similar to Charlies. Neet stripes are a dark blue and black in coloration, with an iridescent blue sheen. Less defined than Charlies stripes, hers are met with dark splotching abroad, blending more naturally with the orange hue below.

The second youngest member of the raptor pack, Echo was bred into the V. She often will not wait for commands, and attack, hunt and eat food when the opportunity presents itself.

Her stubborn independence, and reluctance to follow leadership led thr her challenging Blue for command of the pack. Blue did not kill echo, but did leave her with permanent scars across her face.

in the velociraptor’s nest by Christie Sims

After that, Echo no longer challenged leadership but still acted in her own interest at times. One such inn was subject V-2, and early V. Her look is near identical to that of female V. Velociraptors are pack hunters, and often work to surround and ambush their prey, taking them by surprise.