Imager is the beginning of a whole new fantasy in a whole new magical world from the bestselling creator of Recluce. Although Rhennthyl is the son of a leading. The Imager Porfolio is a bestselling and innovative epic fantasy series from L. E. Modesitt, Jr. that RT Book Reviews says “shines with engrossing characters. Imager by LE Modesitt Jr. Imager book cover. logo logo. Rating / Heavy on characters with a strong sense of morality.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. The imaging magic system failed to impress me and seemed more a psi power like telekinesis.

The best part of these exchanges is that they seem completely natural, given the nature of the various minor characters and how well they are given personalities. Modesitt’s way to slow it down after an action sequences: The first is that each chapter has a number with an aphorism that describes the chapter in some respect.

Imager by LE Modesitt Jr

Modesigt Juliet Marillier 9. Rhen is a most enjoyable character who is coming of age in the story. Imager Portfolio series by L. Fantasy set in a democratic society early democracy? If you’re not good at context clues, you’ll go nuts!

The Imager Portfolio « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

I will continue with the next books to see what happens to Rhenn, but this hasn’t gripped me like Recluce. Even the technology feels vaguely pre-industrial the sole exception here would be that railways seem to have been well established, but that is not much of a stretch.


While the plot itself is one that imagfr to follows previous books, the main modesit is still engrossing as the mystery deepens throughout the novel. Rhenn is far too absolutist imaged his self-belief in his perfect morality. The Pharsi are discriminated against as exotic outsiders and Imagers are universally distrusted and feared, as leapers were feared in medieval times.

There are some writers, however, that are so able elevate a story from the contrived to a compelling alternative reality. And I’ll tell you what: I borrowed the book in audio format from my library with no hard expectations.

Sep 22, Wealhtheow rated it did not like it Shelves: Modesitt’s writing is like clockwork: This book in a way put me in mind of the opening volume of the Recluse series. Apr 13, Steffan rated it really liked it. I hate being the Debbie Downer of the group, but I can’t really muster a single fuck to give about this book.

Imagers and the Pharsi, are taken seriously. That said, this time around we find ourselves with a new hero, and while the story follows the Recluce formula, it is most definitely NOT a Recluce novel. Welcome to the world of Imagers, where your mind can decide what is, and what is not.

With the Pack off Dinner dishes are similarly named, but then set aside. It wasn’t a boat ride and it wasn’t a lightning bolt; I simply was continually pleased to mkdesitt reading and continue reading, until the hook was set.

The Imager Portfolio

One such similarity is the traditional strong man, oppressed woman world. Mmodesitt was it an accident or the result his frustration and his latent and undisciplined imaging talents?

The book is all about Rhenn’s education, which gives Modesitt time to indulge in his favourite literary pastime of philosophizing to his captive reader. I though it was just me, but I looked though other reviews and realized that I had another legitimate complaint. Nov 25, Liviu rated it it was amazing Shelves: There is certainly some action, but Modesitt moves the story along in his usual quiet and thoughtful fashion, so that sometimes it may feel as if nothing much is happening, but then you become aware that he’s been giving you all the information you need.


There’s a lot more to come, many unresolved issues. Originally reviewed on Otherwhere Gazette How neat would it be if all you had to do was concentrate and you could make objects? The Pharsi are a separate ethnic group which seems to have been long settled in Solidar and some of whom have the gift of second sight.

Imager by LE Modesitt Jr book review

The main character, Rhen, exists in this book only to lecture and be lectured about government, and to eat very detailed meals. This Imager book review was written by travelswithacanadian and Koen Peters. If you want a book with a simple yet complex system of magic, richly drawn societies, and characters facing both the good parts and mdesitt of having special abilities, give Imager a try.

This was my first Modesitt novel and I found it absolutely awesome.