Horologium oscillatorium: sive, De motu pendulorum ad horologia aptato By Christiaan Huygens. About this book. Terms of Service · Plain text · PDF. THREE great works laid the foundation of modern mechanics: Galilei’s “ Discourses on Two New Sciences”(), Huygens’s “Horo–logium Oscillatorium ”(). Horologium Oscillatorium: Christiaan Huygens: publication in of his Horologium Oscillatorium. That brilliant work contained a theory on the mathematics.

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Part Oscilltaorium shows a different kind of clock, where the motion of the pendulum is circular, and the string unwinds from the evolute of a parabola.

The tautochronous behaviour of the cycloid curve is used as a means of correcting the erratic behaviour of pendulums on ships. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Horologium Oscillatorium

The book is divided into oscillxtorium parts, where the first part contains the descriptions of clock designs, while the rest of the book is devoted to the analysis of pendulum motion and a theory of curves.

Click here for Concerning the Reasoning in Games of Chance. I am indebted both to the editors of Huygens’ works, and to the Bibliotheque numerique Iowa State University Press.

From constrained fall to the concept of potential”. Mathematical and methodological differences”. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. They are essentially the law of inertia and the law of composition of “motion”.


In the second part of the book, Huygens states three hypotheses on the motion of bodies. Blackwell, which I discovered only after most of my own translation; this admirable translation does not however include mathematical notes, apart from an introduction by H. This is an annotated translation of Huygens’ Horologium Oscillatoriumtaken from the ‘Gallica’ website of the French National Library from the Oeuvres of Huygens, this also includes a French translation of the latin text; here the latin text is inculded last, from my own transcription.

The construction of another kind of ozcillatorium, and the enunciation of some theorems on centrifugal force. Concerning the centre of oscillation. This work inspired a generation of physicists and mathematicians, including Newton, Johanne Bernoulli, and Euler, for it reaches far hroologium the working of pendulum clocks, and it still deserves a place in jorologium historical presentation of the subject as presented hkrologium in elementary physics text books.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This work deserves to be read by all physicists and mathematicians with an interest in physics. Retrieved from ” https: However, if you are a student, teacher, or just someone with an interest, you can copy part or all of the work for legitimate personal or educational use.

It is the first time the quantity that Euler later called the yorologium of inertia was investigated. One can understand why Huygens’ oscullatorium made such an impression on his peers, including Newton.

Most of the first part is concerned with the making and testing of such clocks.


Horologium Oscillatorium – Wikipedia

Part IVA is a recipe for finding the centre of oscillation for a suspended shape. Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on Horologium Oscillatorium The Pendulum Clock, or Geometrical demonstrations concerning the motion of pendula as applied to clocks. I am indebted on several points to the translation of Richard J.

The motion of a body falling along a cycloid. I reserve the right to publish this translated work in book or e-book form. If nothing else, it demonstrates the beauty of the analytical methods that were soon to appear.

Some results are only quoted, unfortunately, but this work gives a real insight into the state of mathematics in the middle of the 17th century. You will find many familiar propositions here in an unfamiliar guise.

This work also has the advantage of accessibility, and comes to you free of charge. Huygens makes use of traditional Greek geometry and leans on Galileo in establishing the tautochronic behaviour of the cycloid, which is rather heavy going with such limited mathematical tools.