Contents[show] About In Patapon 3, instead of having many kinds of units like previous games, you have the four basic Units, known as Ton, Chin and Kan and, . All Patapon 3 Sutras or Summons. All Patapon 3 Sutras o Guia Patapon 2 – Como 31 KB. HD Mortal .. 23 KB. Patapon 3 – Feel the Beat, Destroy Your Foes. All of these rarepons are what the lvl 5 rarepons look like in Patapon 2. Coincidentally, Patapon 3 displays their heroes in lvl 5 rarepon form in tip cards.

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Patapon 3 Missions

Hatapon is the first Patapon that you encounter in all three Patapon games. Patapons receive awards for performance at each station! Can equip Longhorns at Level 5.

At level 12 he can use daggers. Birch Bonedeth Brigade [Free] Suggested: At Lvl 3 he unlocks Wondabarappa the Megapon Uberhero.

You can definitely see your enthusiasm within the article you write. Every time he lands an attack he retreats.

Patapon 1 Rarepons

Cannassault is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3. His hero mode involves him charging for half a command, then unleashing a ghost of himself towards the enemy.

Yumiyacha is a Yumipon Uberhero and is one of the three main Uberheroes you get to choose from. He is a great Hero to have on team missions. Sign In Don’t have an account?

In Patapon 3instead of having many kinds of units like previous games, you have the four basic Units, known as Ton, Chin and Kan and, of course, your Uberhero. This ancient demon once arose from the depths of the earth to conquer the universe but was defeated and banished to the underworld. Kibadda is a Kibapon Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3.


Darkmask Demon Zuttankarmen [Free] Suggested: Grenburr is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3. Weak when not in Fever Mode, but he is a safe player.

Note that Wooyari is immune to the fire status effect when using his Hero Mode or the ice status effect when using weapons mentioned above. He is a Pyopyo Kibapon.

Hunt the Cyclops [Once] Suggested: Oohoroc is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3.

Archfiend of Tolerance [Once] Suggested: Long ago, a baron sought to entrap a young maiden and built this mansion in the perennially rainy marsh as patapn jail. Piekron is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3.

Two Versions of Justice [Free] Suggested: His Uberhero Mode is similar to Tornado Punch. He can equip Swords and Clubs in higher levels. This is the list of locations and missions in Patapon 3. His Hero Mode involves slamming his weapon into the ground and then spinning his chariot wheel causing little, but rapid damage.

His spells are small and quite weak at first, but after he develops his class skills, he can deal fearsome damage. Ancient giants of ten appear on the stretch of wasteland outside the rocky cliff of the hideout.

GUIA PATAPON 3 | World Of Gamers

Uberheroes Never Rest [Free] Suggested: Retrieved from ” http: Guardira is an Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3. I visit each day a patzpon web sites guuia websites to read posts, but this webpage offers feature based articles. Steadily she glared at the setting evening sun, scorching it on the horizon. He is utterly useless while hunting, as Chin’s attack range is negligible at best and his approach scares off prey.


He wears a pink mask and is in the form of a Buhyokko Rarepon. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it sensible.

Would you think this is a good idea or bad idea? It takes a skilled player to unlock his amazing secrets. He is primarily a melee fighter and also the disciple of Taterazay and can transform into all the Taterazay-based units. Cada orden tienes que usar cuatro tiempos osea 4 botones y al ritmo, cada boton es una frase al juntar 4 frases es lo q forma la cancion y eso es patapin determina que accion quieres que guiq tus patapon.

Few who utilize this range for duels realize that the stocks of ancient weapons inside the structures were once used to contain the demon of the Underworld. Bowmunk is a Menyokki Uberhero introduced in Patapon 3.