Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden*). Einführung. Der Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden zur ethischen Bewertung von Unternehmen wurde im Zusammenwirken. Frankfurt M.: Frankfurt School Verlag. Ethische Kriterien für die Bewertung von Unternehmen: Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden. Frankfurt M.: IKO. IÖW (Institut. Suhrkamp, Frankfurt Hoffmann J, Ott K, Scherhorn G (eds) () Ethische Kriterien f ̈ur die Bewertung von Unternehmen – Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden.

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You shall not deceive and cheat!

Homepage – Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden

How often was the company found guilty? In order to concretize these points and view them in a more differentiated manner this investor can find potential examination items in the appropriate places in the guidelines. Mit den Urteilen einverstanden?

This is not possible with respect to primary or cardinal virtues properly understood, which refer to ultimate possibilities of human existence. Does the company accept any responsibility for occupational illness?

Investors who so think are supported by studies that have been able to show hohenheomer on average ethical investments have led to higher yields than the usual type of investments. Value concepts frequently find expression in maxims or subjective principles of action Kant.

From all three lines of inquiry a picture emerges of the manner in which motivational drives are channeled in company life. Auf der jeweils letzten Ebene fran,furt sich also die bewertenden Aussagen. Search for innovations to increase fault-friendly production sites. Value concepts are ambivalent, however, and can generate and reinforce not only morally desirable but also morally unacceptable behavior.

The company does not engage in ruinous competition. Most people will no doubt hardly have any conscience pangs about not investing all their monetary assets “ethically”. Von bis arbeitete Fischer als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter beim Bund Katholischer Unternehmer e. Hereupon follow levels, which lead to ohhenheimer concrete evaluation of individual actions. Qualified employee searches are undertaken by an assessment center. Violations of environmental law What leiyfaden the basic attitude of the company to environmental law?


In the negative case value concepts clash with basic moral principles.

Five Areas of Social Sustainability. Guidelines for the ethical evaluation of companies do indeed give rise to challenging moral philosophical questions, as well as criteriological ones, but they should not be burdened with unnecessary theoretical ballast.

From the standpoint of moral philosophy, ethical investments are actions that are not strictly obligatory, nor are they supererogatory. Are local craftmanship and agricultural abilities being replaced discarded clothes from Europe instead of local textile industries?

Are local products being replaced by export or sale of the corporate products eg. We define “value concepts” in accordance with Dierkes and with reference to Max Weber’s concept of the “cultural ideal” as “values that stimulate behavior”.

This pertains simply to the material side of regulations, however; on the formal side there can still be considerable differences between lfitfaden individual federal states with respect to the amount of time required for approval procedures. It is therefore quite possible that collecting data for certain criteria could involve an elaborate search.

Ethisch-ökologisches Rating: der Frankfurt-Hohenheimer Leitfaden und seine – Google Books

Das Problem des Anderen, Frankfurt a. Are employees required to suppress corporate-internal facts that burden their conscience and keep them from performing their responsibility for the staff, society, nature, environment etc.?


Emissions under normal operating conditions emissions profile. Design of the guidelines.


This necessitates a considerable number of queries about individual measures. Does the hohenueimer accept limits for commercializing living standards? The criteriology presented here is still somewhat of an outline. Women Proportion of women Percentage of women on the work force: The party commissioning frankfurr study can stipulate leitfwden areas and actions are of greater importance for it and which are of less importance. It is certainly not possible to bring about a fundamental change in our economic system overnight.

Consideration for the environment with respect to the exploitation and utilization of energy. In ihrer Arbeit als Principal Research Analystin hat sie einen Kritierienkatalog fuer den Themen Bereich Korruption als auch Projekt Finanzierung erarbeitet und die Korruptionspolicen, Systeme und Reporting von boersennotierten Unternehmen analysiert.

Do the products display a seemingly higher quality than they actually have eg.

The company does not make arrangements in favor of third parties. Striving for expansion should not be enforced at the expense of the legitimate stakeholders’ claims customers, employees, neighbours, suppliers, communities etc. Approach to varying environmental standards on a national, regional and worldwide basis see also cultural Sustainability In the course of making their investment and production decisions, companies run up against all sorts of environmental standards, which can vary considerably from region to region and around the world.