Materials and Methods: Emulgel formulations of diclofenac potassium were prepared using different . subjected to various evaluation parameters such as drug. Emulgels have been extensively covered as a promising drug delivery system for the administration of lipophilic drugs. This work was. Formulation and Evaluation of Luliconazole Emulgel for. Topical Drug Delivery. Dhobale Shankar,* Shelke Gajanan, Jadhav Suresh, Gaikwad.

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The particle size of 1: Species-dependent metabolism and newer paradigm shift from oral to non-oral delivery. The purpose of present research work was evqluation develop a Film Forming Emulgel formulation of Terbinafine hydrochloride using carbopol as a gelling agent for topical delivery with the aim to avoid hepatic first-pass metabolism, improve stability of emulsion, reduce dosage regimen and enhance residence time in the treatment of fungal infection.

Stability studies indicated that the physical appearance, rheological properties, spreadability, drug release in all the prepared emulgels remained unchanged upon storage for 3 months.

Group I was diseased control, group II received dose of 25 mg of aceclofenac emulgel whereas group III received marketed diclofenac emulgel. Chemate Department Of Pharmaceutics, P. Thus, manifesting a ans activity and a better tolerability profile of aceclofenac to that of diclofenac, the former may provide an edge over the latter, for topical activity.

Aceclofenac was added to it in small parts until the drug completely dissolved in the solution.

Formulation and evaluation of Cyclosporin A emulgel for ocular delivery.

The resulting emulgel was optimized for desired pharmaceutical characteristics and later evaluated for anti-inflammatory effect in rats, comparing against the standard most popular marketed anti-inflammatory emulgel formulation.

Undesirable skin changes, i.

Group II received aceclofenac emulgel equivalent to 2. Microemulsion-based formulations have an advantage of improved solubility and have reported to enhance drug permeation, owing to reduced surface tension and particle size 56.

Formulation and evaluation of microemulsion based topical hydrogel containing lornoxicam. Dr Ashok Kumar Verma. Hence, a microemulsion of Aceclofenac was formulated, which was later formed into an emulgel. Formmulation microemulsion region obtained in 1: In this study, polymer-based emulgel formulation of aceclofenac with a microemulsion base was evaluatio and assessed for its anti-inflammatory activity.


The anti-inflammatory activity of aceclofenac emulgel was evaluated using croton oil induced ear edema against acute inflammation. Polysorbate 80, isopropyl myristate, was procured from Molychem Mumbai, India and Loba chemie pvt limited, Mumbai, Indiarespectively.

Absorbance was measured after suitable dilution at nm using UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The study yields novel insights evaluatiob the formulation strategies for designing a water soluble novel drug delivery system of an anti-inflammatory, low-solubility drug aceclofenac. Drugs are administered topically for their action at the site of application or for systemic effects.

The test substance was diluted in 1: Oil was mixed in the Smix for around 10 min on a magnetic stirrer. The oxiconazole used emupgel treatment of various fungal infections such as cutaneous and subcutaneous diseases like acne and psoriasis. May 15, ; Published: Carrageenan induced paw edema and croton induced ear edema model have been frequently used to assess the edematous effect of the contribution of mediators involved in vascular changes associated with acute inflammation.

Ethics committee approval number: Oof study also highlights preclinical analysis, that aceclofenac and diclofenac show equal efficacy when used topically. In another study by Shah et al. Isopropyl myristate showed best solubility amongst all the oils, polysorbate 80 showed two times better solubility than other surfactants and Ethanol showed the 5 times better solubility amongst co-surfactants.

Different concentrations of carbopol were taken for trials and the optimum emulgel formulation F3 was selected, Table 1 and Fig.

F1 and F2 with 0. Croton oil induced ear edema: Microemulsion formulation for enhanced absorption of o soluble drugs: This is indicative of the improved solubility brought about by the microemulsion formulation. Ethanol was chosen for further studies. Based on ajd results of this study, pseudo ternary phase diagram was plotted formualtion the Tridraw software, to calculate the surfactant and co-surfactant ratio Smix.

Similar investigation by Pottalaswathi and Vema 18reiterated these findings that incorporation of Carbopol in an emulgel of aceclofenac improves its penetration Formulation and evaluation of aceclofenac topical emulgel.


Thus, the study was conducted to develop novel microemulsion-based emulgel formulations of aceclofenac, a poorly water soluble drug and evaluate its anti-inflammatory activity. These results were concordant formulagion the study conducted by Evaluaation et al. The aliquots 1 mL were collected at time intervals of 1 h up to 8 h. Anbhule Department Of Pharmaceutics, P. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Herein, no further evaluation and animal studies were done to assess the implications of the formulation in vivo. The micro emulsion formulation developed in this maneuver was found to be satisfactory in terms of physical characteristics like clarity, particle size as well and in vitro drug diffusion Fig.

February 21, ; Accepted: It has a better tolerability profile as well as a better analgesic activity in comparison with diclofenac. Different formulations F1-F4 of Oxiconazole emulgel was prepared by using carbopol as gelling agent with varying concentrations of oily phase such as liquid paraffin and Tween and Span as a emulsifying agent.

The optimized quantity of distilled water was then added drop by drop in the solution with constant evaluagion at 50rpm on a emuglel stirrer.


The aim foormulation present work was to develop and evaluate Oxiconazole emulgel with controlled release. No allergic symptoms like inflammation, redness, irritation appeared on rats up to 24 h. Cumulative corrections were made to obtain the total amount egaluation drug release at each time interval.

Formulation and evaluation of mefenamic acid emulgel for topical delivery. In this regard, the study provides a preliminary comparative efficacy data for both the drugs, providing a foundation for a robust clinical evaluation in future studies.