Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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When connecting an external totaliser, please note: Close the protective cover. The more pairs of values you enter, the more fmy is linearization. All terminals are clearly marked.

If a value is entered whichexceeds the measuring range of the sensor,the transmitter assumes the default value. V9H3 8860 code withSoftware versionThe first two figures are the unit code, the lasttwo are the software numberTab. The Prosonic FMU compensates forvariations in temperature as the integrated sensor for temperature also providestemperature information.

The application parameters areselected at matrix position V0H3 fmk channel two V4H3 Application fmj 0, liquids Application parameter 1, liquids with rapid level changes Application parameter 2, fine-grained bulk solids Application parameter 3, coarse bulk solids Application parameter 4, bulk solids with rapid level changes. Post on Dec views. Steps 5 to 8 must be repeated until thelevel and 8660 volume have been entered for all points. Check that the power supply for the instrument agrees with that on the nameplate.

If you afterwards alter the flow units, the analogue output see chapter 6 and the relayswith the function Limit value must be set afresh see chapter 7. An overvoltage protection unit in an IP 66 protective housing is recommended toprotect the transmitter from voltage peaks especially when mounted in the open.

IP 10 Separate operating unit for control panel: With FMU we advise you to adjust and linearize channel 1 first after the basic setting for channel 2 see chapter 4.


Units of length may only be altered immediately after a reset of the transmitter After determing the length unit, this can only be altered when all other parametersare also changed.

Manual Prosonic Fmu 860

The entry is made in field V3H4 for channel 1 orV6H4 fju channel 2. With these entries, for example, the contents or volumeof a vertical, cylindrical tank can be measured. Mountingmaterial screws or nuts for post mounting and the all weather protective cover isenclosed. Connect the other end ofthe connecting cable in the same way. Electrical symbolsSymbol Meaning Direct voltageA terminal to which or from which a direct current or voltage may be applied or supplied.

If the entire bar chart is not lit andthe triangle on the left is lit, then the current a function 8600 the current rangeselected is smaller than 4 mA or 0 mA signal underflow If the symbol for error indication is lit, then a fault has occurred. A green LED also indicates that operation is free from faultsand flashes on warning.

They can be ffmu as follows: The most important matrix fields for measured values are given in Table 3. Note on setting the current output on alarm! For mounting the separate operating units 8860 the mounting plate with electronicsremember that: EmptyThis module must be applied during configuration see belowif main value 2 is not to appear in the data telegram.

Cable specifications per core: Introduction Prosonic FMU Level measurement Flow measurement Differential measurementChapter 1: Channel 1 provides a continuous indication of the level h1. Press H to 80 the horizontal position Press simultaneously to select the measured value field, V0H0Parameter entry Select the digit to be changed. This appears in the device data base file name.

Manual Prosonic Fmu – [PDF Document]

One relay can be fmy different functions. Other instruments can be connected to the Prosonic transmitter for special applications: With thick controlcabinets, the fixing points at therear may be used.


Each field in the matrix is accessed by a vertical V and horizontal H position which can be entered using the keys on the Prosonic or the handheldterminal. The transmitter in matrix field V0H0 indicates the measurand as percentage ofthe measuring range for channel 2 in V4H0.

With a normally closed contact r the currentpath u-r is closed when the relay isde-energized and open when it is energisedExternal limit switch The setting of the external limit switch acts on all the mfu.

Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System | eBay

Open the operating plate4. Units of length are the same after resetting the Prosonic as 680 the resetSetting the operatingmode Now enter a number in V8H0 for the operating mode: Ciudad de Guatemala, C. The end of the measuring range is determined by the attenuation of the ultrasonic pulseby the air as well as by the strength of the reflection from the product surface.

Thetwo-channel version is for differential measurement or collecting data from individualmeasuring points.

Controls Prosonic FMU Thetypes of linearization, horizontal, cylindrical tank and tank with 806 outlet, aredescribed in sections 4. Pleasenote here that the current output for alarm responds according to the following table.

Analog and relay outputs Only a unit whose input is not potential-free may be connected direct to the currentoutput. Commuwin II using the acyclic data services. If no correction using the selected counting units is possible, then the warningmessage E is displayed. You canenter a maximum of 32 pairs of values.