The FlyCamOne eco is a self-contained module that records x color video at 30 fps with sound! Not only that, but it can snap pictures as. Comes the FlyCamOne Eco HD camera (also called the FlyCamOne Eco p) from the same manufacturer CamOneTec. It has an HD. FlyCamOne eco V2. Do you ever wonder what your autonomous robots do all day? Or have you ever wanted to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your favorite.

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FlyCamOne eco V2

It works great when operated manually, but when I plug it into my Futaba FASST 14 ch receiver, it does not react to any kind of input, even tried reverse, a lot of different ATV setting etc – no go! So I had another one sent from UK, same thing. Tried hooking it up to my old reliable Futaba 9c, no go. Tested both on a JR Spektrum – works like a charm!?!

Tor, have fco look at this, http: Thanks, Gary – this is the ECO version that is powered from the Rx and comes with the servo cable, ready for Eck operations, so it needs nothing but a free channel to operate or so they claim I would have a guess that the flycam has fallen victim to the very low voltage that Futaba is now putting out on the data signal pin. There have been other devices which have not worked with the modern Futaba receivers because of this.


The devices read the voltage as permanently low signal or as non-existent, so they don’t see the PPM wave form to respond to.

Ideally Flycam should modify their design to work flycaomne Futaba’s low voltage, but failing that a signal booster between the Rx and the Flycam will probably fix it.

I would have tried like you max ATV, can’t think what else could be different, do you have or have you tried subtrims to try and alter the endpoint throws? Hi Tor, Just a guess, but this could be caused by the signal voltage limited to a low level by Futaba and the battery supply voltage being too far flycamohe.

You can reduce the battery voltage or you can boost the servo signal voltage. Wonder if that switch will work with all Ver. Like to find one stateside! And I thought it would work with the old 35Mhz-rx Hi Tor I am not shore this will solve the problem but give it a try.

Set up the travell adjustment to max, it sounds like a to short adjustment. I did all that, travel to both max, min, middle, sub trim from top to bottom, 4. You just connect it to a free channel so you see from the green LED that it has power.

Flycamone hd the best Amazon price in

Then you push the small white switch flycamnoe at the bottom of the print, and it will start recording, indicated by the LED turning red. The problem may be that the voltage from the Futaba receivers is marginal for these – I have sent a request to the manufacturer and will hopefully have an answer tomorrow.

Hi Tor, No offense like I said I think this is the problem. Hi Tor, Yes, you need to get the signal voltage yellow or orange wire and the supply battery voltage closer together. You can do this by boosting the signal or lowering the supply voltage As a quick test, have you tried this device with a plain 4 cell NiCad? This will get the supply voltage lower and closer tot he regulated output of the Futaba.


But ofcourse if you really need a powerbox to get the camera working I wil say the Flycam guys really have a bad design. It can make sense that it doesn’t work on Fasst but when you have also tried the 9C i will say the design is bad. This should be compatible with most rc stuff. You could for a test try channel 9 on the 35 Mhz receiver with the 9C.

It may make a difference.

CamOne FlyCamOne eco Full HD

Thanks for the tips, Matt and Ela – just flhcamone both your suggestions, still nothing. NiCd 4-cell and channel 9 on the 9c, absolutely no reaction at all. Both cameras work just fine on the Hitec servo tester and the JR radio – very strange OK guys – I just spoke with the manufacturers of Flycamone, and a technician told me that the first present badge of cameras are in fact NOT working with flyycamone Futaba systems, as they have a different pulse length than all other systems!

They will have new and smaller cameras that work with Futaba systems ready in about weeks and offered to replace mine with the new ones, and I am happy with that! Problem solved – myth confirmed!!!: