Two New Butterflies (Lepidoptera Lycaenidae) from Cuba Se describen dos especies nuevas de mariposas diurnas de la familia Lycaenidae (Leptotes. Os licénidos (Lycaenidae) é a segunda familia máis numerosa de bolboretas tamén inclúen a familia Riodinidae como subfamilia dentro de Lycaenidae. Familia: Lycaenidae. Subfamilia: Lycaeninae. Alpherakya devanica vanjica ssp. nova. Mesosemia carissima. Panthiades bathildis. Subfamilia: Polyommatinae.

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ID from Jorge Bizarro d. Actually, this is a new species to science in a small species-group Im reviewing taxonomically and it was the subject of my PhD thesis. I supose you didnt collect this specimen but any other information about exact locality lycaenieae will be very nice for me.

ID by Jorge Bizarro d. This one is probably an undescribed species related to Nicolaea demilineata from Paraguay. Atronox on Neotropical Lycaendiae Forum d.

Is a Cleon MinistreakMinistrymon cleon. Read more on facebook. ID from Lars Andersen d. Bolivians Butterfly from November by Kim Garwood. Some Lycaenidae species without ID. Andean Lycaenid Butterflies by Carlos Prieto. LycaenidaeBolivia, nuevas citas, TheclinaeEumaeini Keywords: De las Theclinae solamente esta presente el tribu Eumaeini en el continente, el cual familiq la vez esta mucha mas diverso que la subfamilia Polyommatinae.

En el se conocieron 1. En Bolivia el conocimiento de la Familia Lycaenidae es pobre.

Borboleta da família Lycaenidae – Alta Floresta – MT

Actualmente se tienen registradas solamente 56 especies Gareca et. De los taxa citados en Gareca et al. El presente trabajo aumenta la lista de Lycaenidae de Bolivia desde 56 a especies.

Todas las nuevas citas se refieren a especies dentro del tribu Eumaeini. Distribution and Ecology of Butterflies Lepidoptera: Universidad Mayor de San Andres.

La Paz – Bolivia. Preliminary List butterflies of Bolivia. Santa Cruz – Bolivia. LycaenidaeBolivia, new records, Theclinae, Eumaeini. The Lycaenidae family in South America is composed of the subfamilies tamilia Theclinae and Polyommatinae. The two subfamilies differ in South America have 10 Theclinae versus 11 Polyommatinae veins in the forewings. Of this only Theclinae Eumaeini tribe present in the continent, which in turn is much more diverse than the Polyommatinae subfamily.

Robbins a notes that 80 of the 83 known genera of the tribe is Eumaeini distributed in the Neotropics, with the other known in the Holarctic. In Bolivia, the knowledge llycaenidae the Lycaenidae family is poor. There are now recorded only 56 species Gareca et. Of the taxa cited in Gareca et al. The Eumaeini fly rapidly and lonely and difficult to differentiate, resulting in the number of collections in museums. There are species lycaenudae, despite its wide distribution have rarely been collected.


Since 25 years the last author is increasing the amount of Eumaeini in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, resulting in the collection of Eumaeini largest neotropical part, the basis for this work. This study increases the list of Lycaenidae in Bolivia from 56 to species.

All fxmilia appointments concern Eumaeini species within the tribe. They estimate more than species of Lycaenidae in Bolivia, with the vast majority of additional appointments expected Eumaeini in the tribe.

All taxa were determined by the third author of this paper. The source of each record of species is given in the results table, where we use the original sources, that is, if a species was cited for Gareca et al. In the current list were not taken into account the four undescribed species, which were removed from the list of Gareca et al.

With this increase also extends the family Lycaenidae total of 56 to total species of butterflies known from Bolivia to How many species are also difficult to collect and few people are interested in, collectively missing many records yet. Despite the wide distribution of some species, let us assume this number to Bolivia.

Lycarnidae case of Polyommatinae seems to be even more complex. There are extensive reviews of gender lyvaenidae the group and its taxonomy is complex.

However the group is not diverse as Eumaeini and additions in its entirety to the Lepidoptera fauna of Bolivia will be lower in all cases. We think that at least must occur between 30 and 50 species of this group in Bolivia.

So at this time the failia Lycaenidae lycasnidae the diversity of the Pieridae family and becomes the fourth family more variety of butterflies in Bolivia. However we hope that this list incentive to work with this interesting group of butterflies.

Not lycaenjdae lack documented more species for Bolivia, but also initiate studies ecological species of this diverse family. The General Directorate for Fqmilia DGB has awarded the collection permits for the project of “Butterflies of Bolivia” in the fanilia author this paper. We also thank Stefan Abramcyzk, who kindly let us use their Theclinae collections, part of his doctoral thesis on pollination at different sites in Bolivia.

Hairstreak Butterflies of the Genus Serratofalca Lepidoptera: Tropical Lepidoptera, 4 2: Las mariposas de Machu Picchu.


Borboleta da família Lycaenidae – Alta Floresta – MT | Flickr

Introduction to the checklist of Eumaeini Lycaenidaepp. LycaenidaeTribe Eumaeini. Phylogeny, taxonomy, and sympatry of Timaeta Lycaenidae: An Andean montane forest endemic. Tijdschrift voor Entomologie A undescribed Lycaenidae species from Bolivia.

From february 6, to january 16, i get the ID on this Ministreak species! Se more about the undescribed Lycaenidae species on Naturephotos. Enero – Febrero Calycopis or Ostrinotes species? Cascades des Sacramento Alto elv. Yungas, Bolivia 2th February Todos los taxa fueron determinados por el tercer autor del presente trabajo.

La fuente de cada registro de especie esta dado en la tabla de resultados, donde usamos las fuentes originales, quiere decir, si una especie fue citada por Gareca et al. En la lista actual no se tomaron en cuenta las cuatro especies no descritas, cuales fueron quitadas de la lista ylcaenidae Gareca et al. Pensamos que por lo menos deben ocurrir entre 30 y 50 especies de este lycaenodae en Bolivia.

Por lo tanto en este momento la familia Lycaenidae sobrepasa la diversidad de la familia de Pieridae y familai ser la cuarta familia mas diversa de mariposas diurnas en Bolivia.

No obstante esperamos que la presente lista incentive a trabajar con este grupo interesante de mariposas. Cleon MinistreakMinistrymon cleon Fabricius, Caranavi, Yungas, Bolivia february 19, Caranavi, Yungas, Bolivia february 6, I found it on the website ” Learn about Butterflies and Moths “. So finally I got the name on it. Best regards, Gerardo d. See more about the unknown Lycaenidae species on the website; fugleognatur. There are quite few undescribed species in this genus, looking on Butterflies of America.

I don’t think anybody knows which one yours might be at this point. Atronox on Neotropical Butterfly Forum. ID from Jorge Bizarro. Genus species subspecies Author original description from Source. Robbins, MS Butterflies of America Felder, Venezuela; Colombia Lamas Johnson, Bolivia Robbins b. Coroico, Yungas, Bolivia d. La Paz, Bolivia d. Johnson, Argentina Quinteros R. Felder, Colombia Robbins b. Titicaca Lake, Bolivia d.

Weeks, Bolivia Robbins b. Clench’s GreenstreakCyanophrys pseudolongula Clench, Or maybe another species? Strymon oribata Weymer,