Epifanes Clear Varnish is a high gloss marine varnish for use on wood. This is a true spar varnish containing an exceptionally high percentage of solids and UV. Epifanes clear marine spar varnish is renowned for its gloss finish and offers superior protection in all climates. Formulated with tung oil, phenolic and alkyd. Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish is compatible with most other types of one- component alkyd or urethane based varnishes and over two-component varnishes.

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Bare wood must be clean, dry and free of grease etc.

Epifanes Gloss Clear Marine Varnish

Wiping down with mineral or white spirits, may leave an oily residue. Do not use water. Sand the bare wood to a fresh surface with 60 – 80 grit dry abrasive paper with the grain of the wood. A block may be used to assist in fairing the surface. Finish sand with – grit dry abrasive paper.


If desired, stain the wood at this time with a good quality oil or water clrar stain. Do not color the varnish itself as this will create a muddy appearance.

Epifanes Clear Varnish

Brush application with a good quality, clean, natural bristle brush will give good results. Try an Epifanes brush for the ultimate varnishing experience. Foam brushes are convenient on smaller projects however, are not suitable for larger jobs. Epifanes Gloss Clear Varnish. Special order items are not stocked and are ordered direct from the manufacturer. They are non-returnable, may take weeks, price and shipping charges subject to change.

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Clear Gloss Varnish Faster build-up, longest lasting! Traditional marine varnish, based on tung oil, phenolic-modified alkyd resins and maximum U. For long lasting protection of all marine or household woods.

Interior and exterior wood above the waterline. Maintenance of existing, intact, one and two component varnish systems. Anywhere a deep high gloss finish is desired. Superior flow, gloss and durability. Excellent flexibility and water resistance in all climatic conditions.


Epifanes Clear High Gloss Varnish

Renowned for its high gloss retention and weather durability. Even in tropical climates! Spray viscosity 18 – 22 seconds Din Cup 4, 14 – 18 seconds Ford Cup 4.

Pressure 2 – 3 Bar. Temperature should be between 50F.

Avoid varnishing in too much wind or sun. A rapid loss of solvents will cldar under these conditions and will decrease the flowing ability. Add thinner up to the specified percentage to compensate for the faster release of solvents. Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish is compatible with most other types of one-component alkyd or urethane based varnishes and over two-component varnishes. Any existing finish must be intact, degreased and sanded prior to recoating.