In Crank, Ellen Hopkins chronicles the turbulent and often disturbing relationship between Kristina, a character based on her own daughter, and the “monster,”. Crank is a novel by Ellen Hopkins published in It is based loosely on the real life addictions of her daughter to crystal meth. The book is required reading. Glass is the second novel in the verse novel series Crank by Ellen Hopkins, published in hardcover in August and in softcover on April 7, The third.

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In the end she had a lot of problems.

Impulse Perfect Some of that has to do with work. However, it is a fictionalized version of a true story. I felt that much of her writing was cliche, in terms of language and description.

Crank (Crank, #1) by Ellen Hopkins

However, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes I need to resort to unorthodox hopiin methods in order to keep the demons at bay. Some of it is shaped into wedges, sweeping slopes, slanting V’s, or even just plain peppered haphazardly across the page.

The novel continues with Kristina giving birth to a baby boy, Hunter, who is described as ‘healthy’. I can imagine worse situations in a second. But this time I was stronger. During her free time she loves to spend it with her family and engage in activities like gardening, camping, fishing, skiing, biking and hiking.

They should have done something. It became an addiction of my own, but hardly on the level of addiction those teenagers faced. I am a drug addict myself. Feb 19, Humberto Cnca rated it really liked it. It shows us the monstrous, but entirely realistic, road to drug addiction. During her checkup, Kristina finds out that she is pregnant with Trey’s baby and hopes the baby is a girl so that Kristina will be able to love the baby like she should have done with Hunter.


The monster took a man who knew how to love and taught him to hate. I hope something nice. To see what Kristina had gone through, and to have her think everything was just as it should be, set me on a rage.

He is a smart guy and eventually becomes the husband of Kristina.

So bear with me. View all 7 comments.

SEP 5, 2018

Kristina is also not showing up to classes, because she is spending all of her time getting high and dealing drugs on “The Avenue”. What it makes a person do. This was also very real but in my heart, it tugs more to Impulse than Crank but I hoplin am going to continue the trilogy. Kristina never would have Kristina is a bright, good kid.

One could argue that the visual arrangement of the text adds to the novel’s depth. Like a seed planted in your body, Crank is an unforgettable read that sweeps you up into a whirlwind of drugs, sex, and the choices and mistakes you must make when growing up.

There are so many people out there, all over the world, who do not have that kind of help. Kristina now has a very large amount of crank on her hands, so she is getting high even more often. Some of these issues, I think, are because of the form’s limits it’s hard to develop secondary characters at all when you’re writing first person poetrybut others are just limitations of the story itself.


View all 69 comments. A young girl, fighting with her own demons, visits her long lost father one fateful summer and her life collides with the monster. Apr 08, Kai rated it really liked it Shelves: This novel portrays the decent into a drug infested haze in the most realistic of ways. She is described by Kristina as rigid and clean-cut, and does not share a good relationship with her daughter.

Crank Series by Ellen Hopkins

For example, Hopkins was “Banned from speaking at an Oklahoma middle school because of the appropriateness of her subject matter. To see the monsters grasp wherever Kristina goes. Aug 20, booklady added it Recommends it for: Instead of opting for a trite memoir, Hopkins beautifully embroils readers in her daughter’s struggles. The outcome of the whole book is sad and sweet at the same time.