Effective. Enterprise Java. 00 pp i-xx r2ah 7/28/04 PM Page i Effective. Enterprise. Java. Ted Neward. Boston • San Francisco • New York • Toronto. TheServerSide chats with Ted Neward, author of “Effective Enterprise Java”, about what’s in the book and why building effective enterprise. Effective Enterprise Java. by Ted Neward.; Published Aug ; Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional. This is an amazing book that does not.

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Effective Enterprise Java by Ted Neward. If you aren’t careful, you can create newafd application that performs poorly under load, is difficult to maintain, and is impossible to port from one newagd to another. The tricks that a programmer needs to avoid these problems often come painfully with experience. The author has taken his experience and given us a book that is well-written, easy to understand, and provides excellent advice to help you produce superior applications. The best part is that the advice you get is practical advice from someone who has actually experienced the pain and suffering of J2EE development.

This book deals in the reality of development and not pie-in-the-sky theory. The book contains seventy-five items of discussion covering a wide range of topics from the broad, “Keep it simple” to the specific, “Never cede control outside your component while holding locks.


Even if a particular item is not of interest to you, there will be plenty of other items that will be of interest. This book is not a tutorial or beginner’s book. It is expected that the reader already has experience with J2EE.

If that describes you, get this book to avoid more pain and suffering. You will end up a better developer and your applications will be cleaner and easier to maintain.

Effective Enterprise Java by Ted Neward — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

More info at Amazon. I am also supposed to write a review for this book, and have been reading it.

Red haven’t had much time to get to it, but the layout of having all these different items allows me to read at my leisure. I can read one item just before going to bed, and I have found each and every topic to be well written and present great material.

This is a great book.

I was one of the reviewers, so I may be biased, but TN really is one of the few who could pull this book off. I normally don’t add my sometimes non-standardized english enterprisse the really excelent Javaranch book reviews, but I seriously recommend anybody who works with Enterprise Java to read the reviews above and buy this book.


I javz it yesterday coming back late and tired from work and it kept me hooked for well a few hours. Book of that quality aren’t published every month.

Axel [ January 11, It is written at a higher level as it applies to J2EE systems, rather than the Java language. The tradeoffs of various techniques are highlighted rather than just relying on best practices. For example, “use object-first persistence”, “use efffective persistence” and “use procedural-first persistence” are all included as tips.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do all of these at once. However, the discussion of when to use each is extremely valuable. Javaa the trips are grouped by topic. Where appropriate, code snippets are used quite effectively no pun intended. Examples and anecdotes prevent the material from getting dry.

This book is destined to become a classic.

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I highly recommend it for any J2EE developer, designer or architect. It is sorta covered in the Entetprise Style Guide. Wicked Cool Java by Brian D.