CPIC National Directory: March Front Cover. Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Law Enforcement Service. Technical Information Service Section, Support . maintain an up-to-date list of all CPIC users and advise the National CPIC Administrator of any changes, movement, temporary or permanent. A national forensic advisory committee is needed. 7–13 For example, the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), a backbone system that provides.

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Further, if the student transfers schools, that information must follow cpc student. However, if the school has expressed concern over a youth’s violent behaviour, relevant criminal record information could be released to the school.

Understanding Criminal Records

Where information cpci shared between a youth worker and the school, the Protocol and the Young Offenders Act state that the information must be kept in confidence, secure and separate from other student files.

Currently shared across 0 libraries and 0 members of Vancouver Public Library. One category of criminal record information, accessible on CPIC, that only indicates whether a record may or may not exist. Clemency and Pardons Division: There have been instances where absolute and conditional discharges have not been removed from the CPIC system after the specified time period.

The individual will no longer have a criminal record and there will be no indication on cpc CPIC system that cpc record existed. Some countries, like the United States, may require a person to get a travel waiver.

Some legislation is intended to minimize the negative impact of having a criminal record, while other legislation authorizes the disclosure and sharing of criminal record information. Under the Young Offenders Act, there is a prohibition against disclosing any youth record to unauthorized individuals.


One category of criminal record information, accessible on CPIC, that contains personal information and conviction history only. Other law enforcement agencies with limited powers under federal or provincial legislation also have complete access to a person’s criminal record through CPIC.

Although a discharge is not considered a conviction, a cpiv of an absolute or conditional discharge is kept by CPIC and by the charging police agency. Investigating police agencies, government agencies and youth courts are not required to destroy their youth records.

However, the existence of a record cannot be confirmed without submitting fingerprints.

Care and Removal of Youth Records. Even minor assaults such as slapping or pushing would be considered violent and would require the letter to nahional written asking that the record be removed.

For these reasons, it is important that individuals read the criminal record release form very carefully. To obtain a travel waiver for the U.

When young people appear in youth court, they receive what is called a youth court record. If there are questions about travel waivers, the U. Canadian pardons do coic have legal force outside of Canada. Additional terms may apply to data associated with third party namespaces. There ntaional four types of youth records: Agencies with complete criminal record access can receive any one of the following three levels of information:.

Under the Young Offenders Act, it is an offence to disclose youth records after cpiv have reached the non-disclosure date. If a person has received a pardon, and the pardon is revoked before the assigned purge date, his or her record is moved from the restricted section back to the section accessible by all police services. Filed under News Canada.


Commissioner’s Directive 564-5

This information is obtained from records kept in the special repository for criminal records in Ottawa. Law enforcement officers are advised that the individual’s criminal record information provided at any of the three levels should not be used as fact until they are confirmed with fingerprints. The CPIC system also has access to the motor vehicle information systems in each province and territory.

Further, any hard copy documents, including fingerprints, are destroyed. If a young person re-offends before the non-disclosure period is reached, the time for non-disclosure of the first offence will be extended until the non-disclosure period for the new offence.

If the charge was for a hybrid or indictable offence, the offence information, photographs and fingerprints contained in the record may be forwarded to the RCMP’s central repository, CPIC.

CPIC national directory : CIPC annuaire national – Vancouver Public Library

If a person tries to enter the U. How much does it cost to get a criminal record check done? Employers, community agencies and educational institutions can only obtain criminal record information if the individual consents.

The information contained in the offender’s record kept by CPIC may be accessed by certain individuals until the non-disclosure date has been reached. Customs will enter the person’s criminal record information into their own system – where it will stay indefinitely.