Jhon Jairo Velásquez, apodado “Popeye”, uno de los tres paso a paso las noticias del mundo criminal, incluida la fuga del narcotraficante. Other names, Popeye alias Popeye, is an ex-sicario (hitman) that was part of the criminal structure of “Confesiones de Pablo Escobar a ‘Popeye’ – KienyKe”. Jhon Jairo Velásquez Vásquez, alias ‘Popeye’, jefe de sicarios de Pablo Escobar . Foto: Especial .. Las confesiones que Mancuso le ofrece a la JEP.

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Controversy has continued to follow Popeye since his release from prison. Retrieved 21 January Velasquez was identified as one of the most important hitmen of the Medellin cartel.

John Jairo Velásquez

Later in life, while imprisoned, he also obtained 14 diplomas of various short courses. He was admitted to the Colombian National Armylater he joined the cadet school of the national police, only to retire days later, having not to found any satisfaction in this profession.

Nonetheless, he was released on August 26, We’re firing it, it’s a doll, a beauty! On August 22, he would have received probation for having served three-fifths of his sentence, but as he is involved in other legal processes and investigations, probation would not be obtained.

Inhe aliass sentenced to twelve years for other judicial proceedings against him.

John Jairo Velásquez – Wikipedia

According to Velasquez, he even killed his girlfriend after she was exposed as an informant. Ex-chief of Pablo Escobar’s hitmen to be in prison until At age of 52, he was released on 26 August after 23 years and 3 months in prison.


In Decembertwo men on motorbikes pulled up alongside him as he was driving in his car and robbed him of his glasses, two old bracelets and an old mobile phone, he said.

He is working on a TV series based on his own life and his involvement in the Medellin Cartel and will star in in 3 of Narcos TV series.

This name uses Spanish naming customs: YarumalAntioquiaColombia. Later, he entered the school of apprentices of the Colombian Navy where he earned his distinctive nickname ‘ Popeye ‘ because of his physical resemblance to the character, which would later be removed by plastic surgery. He was one of the members of the inner circle of Pablo Escobarthe head of alis criminal organization calling itself The Extraditables.

John Jairo Velásquez

He also claimed to be one of the members of the inner circle of Pablo Escobarthe head of the criminal organization calling itself Los Extraditables. Retrieved 3 October On August 22, he received probation for having served three-fifths of his sentence.

During andPopeye was involved in armed clashes in La Modelo prison. Inhe was sentenced to twelve years for other judicial proceedings against him.

Retrieved 9 January Retrieved 3 October He has confessed to killings, the kidnapping of then candidate for mayor of Bogota, Andres Pastrana Arango who would later become president of the republicthe kidnapping of Francisco Santos who would later become vice presidentkidnapping and murder of colombian politician Carlos Mauro Hoyoscomplicity in the murder of the governor of Antioch Antonio Roldan Betancur in a failed mission entrusted to Popeye and John Jairo Arias Tasconalias “Pinina” to kill police colonel department Valdemar Franklin Quintero and presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galanand has also been implicated in the terrorist attack on Avianca flight Velasquez attended night school.


‘El Chapo’ es hombre muerto: ‘Popeye’

SinceVelasquez served a prison sentence dd charges of terrorism, drug trafficking, conspiracy for terrorist purposes and murder. Retrieved from ” https: Escobar entrusted Velasquez with getting rid of said informant.

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Today, Popeye is a YouTube personality who uploads videos, in which he critiques various topics in Colombia such as a corrupt government and socioeconomic hardships.

They were laying in bed one day when the phone rang; on the other end crimnal a recording of Wendy speaking with DEA agents. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.