KCK Eşbaşkanı Cemil Bayık geçtiğimiz haftaki açıklamasında “1 Eylül’e Türkçe’ den Mahmut Hamsici’ye bir röportaj vermiş ve 1 Eylül tarihini. Fotograflar İlker Akgüngör Türkiye ve Ortadoğuda kim PKK ile ortak Cemil Bayık ile söyleşi (30 Ocak )-Tam metin . O tarihten beri biz hep Kürt sorununun demokratik, siyasal yöntemle çözülmesinde ısrar ediyoruz. Cemil Bayık . 13 Ocak tarihinde Çınar, Diyarbakır’da PKK tarafından içerisinde polis lojmanları bulunan İlçe Emniyet Müdürlüğü’ne düzenlenen bombalı.

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Reading PKK documents, tariihi may distinguish between two objectives the movement had from its inception. The day the Kurds will be free, the Turks will be free too. A Critique of Political Economy.

One of those meetings was the Dikmen meeting innamed after the neighborhood in Ankara where the gathering took place. However, this account and interpretation of the events surrounding the death of his brother was only made by Baki Karer after he had left the party inseven years after the killing.

Concretely this meant separate organization. It was thought that through such a struggle that the real unity of the left could be forged. Hence, the increasingly popular question with regard to who will speak for Syrian Kurds in the future. At the same time, those who distanced themselves from these organizations were contacted with the objective of winning them back.

The left, however, was seen as ignorant of this process of colonization:.

Moreover, the left was gaining morale and inspiration from revolutionary struggles elsewhere in the world — from Cuba to Vietnam, Laos to Angola, Mozambique and Guinea, and Algeria to Palestine.

You have not done your revolutionary duty. However, it would be wrong to characterize it in military or similar terms. We were not able to understand why the chairman was behaving with such good intentions to people who had stolen our weapons and wanted to kill our friends. Kemalism, as analyzed by the emergent PKK, prevented the left from functioning as a genuine force of opposition since it the left was unable to escape the very political reality it was struggling against.


The statement implored all the people of Turkey to make the struggle their own, as part of the struggle of the tarhii class against fascism:. Once there, Karer started to work intensively.

In leftist circles he was known as a THKO sympathizer. The first was a progressive realization of the right to self-determination. Born inhe left for Ankara after completing his High School education, took the university entrance examination there and started to study physics at Ankara University.

Hendek operasyonları – Vikipedi

We will argue that the PKK, itself emerging from the revolutionary left in Turkey but organizing the liberation struggle in Kurdistan, sought for a unification of the left in a metaphorical sense. Several soldiers and officers were killed and wounded. Instead, the time has ostensibly come for Washington to move to the next stage. In this article, we will attempt to make sense of the PKK in terms of its vision of and relation to the left.

Yet when something seems bizarre, unintelligible or incomprehensible, this does not say more than that we simply do not understand it, and that we should, therefore, try to look for the sense it makes, at least for those involved Becker We are obliged to use violence against the violence of counter-revolution, and the revolutionary armed forces must crush the armed forces of the counter-revolution.

Political Islam, Kemalism and the Kurdish Issue.

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Perspective | The U.S. Rewards Offer for Three Top Leaders of the PKK: A Well-Thought-Out Plan?

He is described in the commemorative booklet as one of the leaders of the organization Serxwebun The closure was preceded by a police raid on the association, on December 4, at which students were arrested. Nationalisms and Politics in Turkey: In addition to legitimizing the group, this policy would made it possible for YPG militants to have a seat at the negotiating table. Guevara, Ernesto Tricontinental Conference Speech. In Ankara, in the shadows of the re-emerging political space, the radical left also started to organize itself.

But you can add something to our struggle, make a contribution. Work on the PKK, both popular and academic, tends to treat this organization and its political ideology and strategy as somewhat exceptional in the wider framework of Kurdish politics.

Our party leader is Mustafa Kemal.

cemio The start of joint Turkish-American patrols in Manbij, along with the U. Dev-Yol a, b, a, b. The main publication we have used for this study, however, has been a booklet commemorating the killing of Haki Karer in One could argue that the Trump administration intended the move as a goodwill gesture against the backdrop of the Turkey-U.

For them, such a bond could only be the product of struggle, a common struggle from equally important, but different positions, i. Later, cautiously explored in the s, tafihi decisively articulated in the s, the PKK defined the right to self-determination in three inter-related projects: