CatEye CC-MT [Mity 2] • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Following pdf manuals are available: cat-eye cc-mt mity 2 User Manual. CatEye product manuals for the entire line of CatEye cycle computers, headlights , safety lights and accessories online support at

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Rapidly decreases the figure. Rapidly increases the figure.

Small picture of a bicycle in upper right indicates that unit is running. Press S or SET button to fix it. Power Saving Function When the main unit does not receive a signal, or a button has not been pressed for minutes, the power supply is shut down and the main unit will only display the clock.

Press S button to change the flickering digit. Tm moves up as Main Display. F Cordless 7 owner’s manual.

If SET button is pressed in stop stateclock time setting dis- play appears. Is the distance between the sensor and the magnet too far?

The average speed from start to current point is displayed. You may revise the tire size in either “A” or “B” as described above. Press “MODE” top button to adjust that digit. In order to mitt accumulation of Odo data, write down the stored Odo before replacing the battery.


Mity 3 owner’s manual.

If possible, write down the Odo data before all clear opera- tion, and input it again after the display returns normal. For inputting wheel circumference B, hold down SET button. F ATC owner’s manual Battery: Entering “set” mode for total reset: How to Replace Battery.

Cyclometer Calibration Procedures – Cateye

The trip distance from start to current point is displayed. Periodically check if the screws and secure bands have loosened. When Av or Mx data is shifted to the upper display, Spd shifts to the lower display. To change reading mitu miles and kilometers, appropriate wheel calibration number must be entered. Be sure to write down the data before replacing the battery. Usually displayed on the upper display and updated once a second. F Kosmos owner’s manual Battery: Best for MTB riding and low speed sensitivity.

This manual is related to the following products: Accessories Bicycles Parts Specials Tools. Press “MODE” right button to adjust next digit. Av moves up as Main Display. This is not the same manual as for other Cordless and Wireless models.

E is displayed and calculation ceases. Displays the highest recorded speed.

Operating instructions | CatEye CC-MT [Mity 2] User Manual | Page 2 / 2 | Original mode

Mx moves up as Main Display. When trip distance 2 is selected, pressing this combination resets only trip distance 2. In other modes, you may press the “SET” button for two seconds at the same time nity switch between “A” and “B” values. When the main unit or the contact gets wet, dry it off with a cloth; rust will cause functional errors. Press and hold the “SET” button for 2 seconds to switch back and forth between “A” and “B” calibration value. In this case, Spd data is shifted to cateyr lower display.


The special rechargeable batteries for this unit are no longer available.

CatEye CC-MT200 [Mity 2] User Manual – Download

Use a ballpoint pen or other pointed object to press the “SET” button underneath unit. When current speed does not appear, first short-circuit the contact on the back with metal; if the speed display appears, the main unit is normal and the problem must be in the bracket or the sensor.

Astrale 8 CC-CD owner’s manual. Pressing the “MODE” button will cycle the computer through the modes: Then press the “SET” button. In Wheel Circumference Setting Display: