The Cardus Education Survey: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats (Cardus II) is a Canadian report measuring non-government school effects in service of the Canadian. ACSI supports the methodology of the Cardus Education Survey (CES), but we at ACSI do believe the facts gathered lead us to some different sets of. In , the Cardus Education Survey (CES) was released. This report examined the correlation between Christian education motivations and student outcomes.

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It publishes four journals: Cardus is a Canadian think tank “dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture, drawing on more than years of Christian social thought”.

Review Your Donation Update. The American Survey Phase I used two web-based surveys.

Cardus Education Survey Canada

Christian school graduates are more likely to join a choir, while independent non-religious graduates are more likely to enjoy a concert or opera.

Sun News September 26, Why private schools make better people. Other larger surveys have been done that may reflect more clearly on the academic excellence, spiritual formation and cultural engagement of home school graduates. In particular, Evangelical Protestant school graduates have high satisfaction with the quality of their life and seek to contribute to the public good even though they feel that the culture makes them feel unwelcome. The forty-five-minute survey included questions about academic excellence, spiritual formation, and cultural engagement.

Christian school graduates and religious home educated graduates are more likely to have as their highest educational certification a college diploma rather than a university degree, but when they do go to university, Christian school graduates are more likely to have a master’s degree, and home school graduates are more likely to receive a Ph.

Christian school graduates have had more cross-cultural experiences than graduates of other schools. Independent non-religious graduates differed from government school graduates only in being less likely to be divorced or separated. Catholic, conservative Protestant or “Christian school,” other Protestant school, or other type of independent school. Cardus Audio is its podcast. Cultural activities seemed to be shaped by the graduates’ community and family interests.


Christian school graduates are more likely to have strong commitments to family, church and faith formation. Cardus Research projects education and culture.

Cardus Education Survey | International Center for Home Education Research Reviews

The survey includes questions about academic excellence, spiritual formation, and cultural engagement. Explore Our Research Programs Education.

Hope College DeVos Fieldhouse. The executive summary of the report highlighted some of the characteristics of non-government school graduates.

First, graduates of the independent schools had a higher satisfaction with their high school experience. Participants in the survey had difficulty designating their schools, with some classifying the same schools as Catholic, others as public, and still others as non-religious. They feel prepared for their roles in society, and they have completed more years of schooling, including more post-secondary education. We produce a unique blend of empirical research, policy discussion, philosophical and—yes—theological discussion about your daily work, and our common economic life.

Their high level of involvement in other activity could be the cause of this. Separate Catholic school graduates, independent Catholic school graduates and independent non-religious school graduates are spread out over high schoolcollegeuniversity undergraduate and master degreeswith the independent non-religious graduate having the highest overall educational attainment.

The Latest from Cardus Education November 6, Though they marry at an earlier age, they are somewhat more likely to be married than government school graduates and more likely to have more children. Toward the end of the survey, participants were asked to identify the type of high school that they attended.

What the Cardus study was therefore able to do is compare the Quebec graduates who attended fully funded government schools with those who attended partially funded Catholic independent schools. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These graduates are involved in their church and have done international mission work. This survey was conducted by survey firm Knowledge Networks.

The report states that “Canada’s government schools perform very well in international rankings, but by many measures, Canada’s non-government schools perform at even higher levels. Independent Catholic graduates were less likely to be living with a partner or to be divorced or separated, but as likely to be married and marry about the same age as government school graduates.


Cardus focuses its research in four areas of North American public life: Comment Comment is a journal of public theology. Reflecting back on their secondary education, these graduates have high satisfaction and feel that they were prepared well for later life.

Christian school graduates were the same as government school graduates. The two groups who felt most prepared to be culturally involved were home school graduates and Independent non-religious school graduates. The research goals of this phase focused the connection educatioh the motivations of Christian education and the outcomes, especially in academic excellence, spiritual formationand cultural engagement.

Religious home education graduates are somewhat less likely to be divorced or separated and extremely unlikely to educztion co-habiting. Using educational standards based in various provincial documentation, the report concluded that carduss from various non-government schooling sectors—Separate CatholicIndependent CatholicIndependent Non-religious, Evangelical Christianand religious home education —exceed in all the measures that the public school sets for itself and do a better job than the public schools.

Cardus Education Survey

Busy with many markets and stores, the cardo, was the center of business and the economy of any Roman town. David Sikkink was the head of quantitative studies. Social Cities We are committed survdy asking, “What makes a good city? A survey of randomly selected Canadians was administered by Vision Critical, a division of Angus Reid.

They are also less likely to be divorced or separated and less likely cardjs be living with a partner than graduates of government schools. They are more generous with their money to a variety of causes and more generous with their time by volunteering more. Convivium Convivium is an online magazine which explores faith in our common life.