Elegua is said to be present everywhere and at all times. Because of this Eleggua has many aspects or “caminos” (roads) each encapsulating a different area he. Caminos de Elegua. Elegua Abaile. Elegua Afrá. Elegua Agbanukué [Agbanuké]. Elegua Akéru. Elegua Agongo Ogo. Elegua Akesan. Elegua Alá Le Ilú. Elegua. Caminos. Eleggua has twenty-one different roads. It is important to make the distinction between Eshu and Eleggua. These are both.

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Hola josan soy una creyente de las 21 diviciones, soy dominicana, josan, mi historia es muy triste e complicada, no siendo caballo de misterio tengo mi altar con santos en los cuales creo y cuido… hace mas de 10 anos recibi por elegja madrina de cabeza dominicana ella y bautizada por santeros cubano… ella es un cabllo de misterio e hija de las 72 divicione … hace un ano y que tuve problemas con esta persona ….

This is a song where an Orisha is attacked and provoked to come down. A group of slaves working and living together on the plantations never consisted of slaves from one single ethnic group. Los colores de estos deben ser combinando el rojo con el negro. There cakinos a huge number of Orishas in Yorubaland.

Characteristics of Eleggua Colours: The Orishas What is an Orisha? But how can I talk about Eleggua without explaining the main aspects of Santeria? This work will not teach you how to play the Bata drums, and will also not reveal all the secrets of Santeria. Eleggua was walking between two old friends, wearing a tall hat, which was white on one caminoe and red on the other.


Elegua – Wikipedia

They saw the African presence in the Catholic religion and this made this feast day the most important for the Lukumi Murphy, In Darius Thieme wrote in his dissertation: You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. The Enus of Itotele and Iya represent the melody of the groove. Because of this, Legba is identified with St.

Caaminos the Okonkolo this straight pattern is the basic.

5 ofrendas a Elegua para el dinero que le encantarán

The main difference between Vodou and Santeria is the fact that not only one single ethnic group has influenced Vodou. Son mujeriegos y poco caseros, les gusta la calle. Often musicians can get very stressed with this toque, which leads them sometimes even to stop learning the Bata.

This musical figure is played to change from one rhythm to another. The most Camihos religious festivity was the day of Epiphany, or dia de reyes. This music is a living language, and the feeling of it cannot be written down. Sometimes the first transition I transcribed is left out, and the Iya player switches camnios the second part only by playing a loud slap on the second beat of the second bar of his pattern second bar is played then like bar 13 of the transcription.

As my thesis will not be a theological research, I concentrated on the musical side of Santeria. The drums do a roll for every new law.

In those variations, he is not playing anymore on, but around elegya beat. Gracias, los mejores deseos, para que se te solucionen las cosas. Below you find a description of every part.

It is wrong to say that Yorubaland was one big nation. Later I make a comparison between him and Legba of the Vodou tradition.


In this section I put some of the characteristics of the Orishas in one table. Gary Edwards and John Mason, too, wrote You will find them transcribed in the cantos section cantos para eleggua 1: This section is the longest and a relatively free part of the toque de santo. La Topa for Eleggua. The Orishas can be divided into different groups: Elegua is said to be present everywhere and at all times.

These families are linked to the group of slaves coming from a particular region of Africa.

Eleggua – Oscar van Dillen

What is special about this religion, which came to Cuba with the African slaves, is that you have elements of both, African and Christian religion that fused into one. I vino a este sitio para compartir las buenas obras del doctor Nativo prophetbaz. I only wrote down the most basic form, because that is the first to be learnt. There are two main Nanchons: The steps of the dancer fall exactly with the accents played by the Iya.

Short history of Santeria In the chapter below you will find information about how and where Santeria developed. Each of the drums plays a special role in the music of Santeria. A wax-like substance is put on the Enus of the Caminow and the Itotele to give it a deeper and duller sound.