Konzernweit sorgen MitarbeiterInnen bei Bahn und Bus (zusätzlich rund Lehrlinge) dafür, dass täglich rund 1,3 Millionen Reisende sicher an ihr. Zur zügigen Klärung Ihrer Teilnehmerbeschwerde zum Anbieterwechsel ist es für die. Bundesnetzagentur und die betroffenen Unternehmen sehr hilfreich, wenn. Fahrgastrechte von Bahnreisenden nach Verordnung (EG) Nr. / 1. Beim Kauf eines Bahntickets Online-Beschwerdeformular für den Busverkehr.

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The services and prices confirmed with the booking apply. Any such changes do not require the approval of the fellow travelers named in the booking. Carriage of animals is subject to additional requirements. The booked flight is only valid for the passengers named at the bescherdeformular of booking and is not transferrable, unless agreed otherwise in these conditions.

Germania will not assume liability for items accepted for carriage despite unsuitable packaging that was not detected at the time of acceptance, and the passenger will remain responsible and liable for beschwerdeformylar packaging. Upon booking the real first and last names beschwedeformular the passenger must be stated and verified with official photo identification passport, personal identification card, child passport etc.

The same applies to passengers with impaired vision traveling accompanied by an assisting person.


In some cases a completed authorization form signed by a legal guardian must be provided for children and adolescents under 18 years beschwerdegormular age if they are to leave the home country kidnapping prevention. Carry-on items may not exceed a weight bescgwerdeformular 6kg or dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. For security and space reasons, animals only will be transported if registered in advance by e-mail servicecenter germania. Otherwise, it is not possible to cancel or rebook the reservation.

The term “change in booking” applies if the date of departure is changed within the valid flight plan period on the passenger’s request and subject to seats being available or if the name of one or more passengers is changed before the individual departures, without the total number of passengers changing name change. Subject to available seats, passengers can choose to travel at a later time to their final destination; in this case the passenger assumes the costs for meals, hotel accommodation and transfer.

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Further methods of payment may be accepted when booking in a travel agency or at a Germania ticket desk. Checked baggage may not contain any items that are dangerous or unsafe or not suitable for carriage because of their weight, size or nature, perishability e.

Passengers who have been denied boarding involuntarily are entitled to compensation in cash, by check, by bank transfer or, with the signed agreement of the passenger, in travel vouchers. Exemptions from and limitations of the liability of Germania apply correspondingly for the benefit of its agents, attendants, representatives as well as every person whose aircraft Germania uses beschwerdeformuoar agents, attendants and representatives as well as for “travel organisers” including their agents, attendants and bahb.

Up to two wheelchairs or mobility aids for disabled passengers will be transported in the cargo compartment at no additional cost. The amount of such compensation will depend of the length beschwerdefoormular the scheduled route and the alternative carriage offered. Sind Ihnen durch den Ausfall Mehrkosten entstanden? The passenger is recommended to have the flight confirmed over the telephone in the period deutshe 24 to 48 hours before both the outward and inward flight through the Service Center, telephone number: Da seit Ihrer Beschwerde die Monatsfrist noch nicht verstrichen ist, bitten wir Sie, eine Antwort des Verkehrsunternehmens abzuwarten.

This also applies to changes in booking or name seutsche of any fellow travelers named in the booking. Germania and the flight tour operator are not liable for damage resulting from items packed in baggage. Germania must be notified of all weapons being transported including, deytsche not limited to, side arms or sprays prior to departure.

Europäisches Verbraucherzentrum Deutschland

Golf bags and other sports equipment must be checked in packaging suitable for carriage. Bitte schildern Sie hier den Sachverhalt und gehen Sie im Einzelnen auf die folgenden Punkte ein, sofern diese auf Deutscne Schlichtungsantrag zutreffen. We also reserve the right to enforce further charges for damages caused by delays.


Germania can decide not to operate a flight if such operation would be complicated, jeopardized or affected substantially by incidents of force majeure war, terrorist unrest, natural disastersstrikes by airport personnel or by other third parties required for operating flights, customs or passport officers, etc. The German version of these Terms and Conditions is binding beschwerdeformupar this English version is provided for convenience only. The date of receipt of the letter at Germania is determining.

The general booking and travel terms and conditions of the flight tour operators also apply. All travelers are responsible on their own to arrive in time at the airport. Where possible, Germania will inform the passenger about the beschwerdeformulra. Please note that battery-operated wheelchairs can only be transported in an upright position; it may therefore not be possible to fit them through the cargo compartment door.


Ist die Zahlung bereits erfolgt? The German version of these Conditions of Carriage is binding and this English version is provided for convenience only. Carrying any of the aforementioned items in the cabin is prohibited in all cases; however, if packed securely, they may be transported as checked baggage exclusively.

Passengers are entitled to receive compensation amounting to EUR for all flights of 1,km or less; EUR for all flights within the EU of more than 1,km, and for all other flights between 1, and 3,km; and EUR for all other flights. Entwertung fehlt, Automatendefekt, Fahrkarte vergessen etc.

For safety reasons, passengers may not use any electronic devices during take-off or landing.