Werkstofftechnik. Von WOLFGANG BERGMANN. Teil 1: Grundlagen (ISBN 3‐ ‐‐3); Teil 2: Anwendung (ISBN 3‐‐‐6). München/Wien: Carl . Buy Werkstofftechnik 1: Grundlagen by Wolfgang Bergmann (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Werkstofftechnik 1 by Wolfgang Bergmann, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Micro-structural alterations within different areas of articulating surfaces of a metal-on-metal hip resurfacing system. Tribological performance of austenitic high nitrogen steels for biomedical applications.

Nonlocal Modelling of Failure of Materials. Evaluation of the effect of wleding parameters on the residual stresses in dissimilar welding of high strength steels. Praktische Metallographie 39 11, S. Improvement of fatigue resistance of low-nickel stainless steels for biomedical applications compared to CoCr-alloys.

In-situ tensile testing of notched poly and oligocrystalline L wires. JuniConference Proceedings. JuniGothenburg, Sweden. Surface softening in metal-ceramic sliding contacts: Lecture Introduction to material engineering Foundations of material processing and application Material properties and their testing Influence of material manufacture on the properties of components Thermal treatment of metallic materials.


Bergmann Ed Kurzzeitmetallurgie Proc. JuniS. Nanotribology of Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement.

Foundations of Material Engineering 1 (distance learning)

Interfaces5, S. Wear12 S. Correlation of structural properties of commercial DLC-coatings to their tribological performance in biomedical applications.

Jahrestagung der DGZfP, Metall 11 S. Cyclic deformation behaviour of austenitic CrMnMoN steel in solution annealed and cold worked States. The influence of topography on the specific dissipated friction power in ultra-mild sliding wear: Introduction Atomic structure and bonding Structure of solids Miller indices Imperfections in solids Texture Diffusion Mechanical properties Dislocations and strengthening mechanisms Phase transformations Phase diagrams, iron-carbon phase diagram Metallic materials Corrosion Polymeric materials Ceramic materials Literature: Biomaterialien 3 1, S.

Kardiol, Band 90, Heft 4 S.


Webmaster06 Aug Materials for Medical Engineering Euromat 99, Vol. Prediction of temperature distribution in dissimilar arc welding of stainless steel to carbon steel.

Wear,S. Characterization of CoCrMo particles generated under different sli ding wear conditions. Subnavigation Back to Students Organisational details werkstkfftechnik your studies Exams-dates-modul descriptions Material, 10 11S.


Bergmann werkstofftechnik 1 download

Microstructural peculiarities and mechanical properties of coronary stents. The role of wear particles under multidirectional sliding wear, Wear A New Approach in Interventional Cardiology. High Nitrogen Steels 2 S.

Effect of welding parameters on residual stresses in dissimilar joint of stainless steel to carbon gergmann. JuniWeimar, AWT e. Tribolology International 82,S. Advances in Tribology doi: TiC particle reinforced Ti-6Al-4V friction surfacing coatings.