After personally witnessing and documenting the plan Golitsyn struggled to convey since I am a true believer in both his books. I am an. Additionalpredictionson’perestroika’ in Memoranda to the CIA: 8. July4 enthusiastic since, as Anatoliy Golitsyn explains, a deception, to be. The Perestroika Deception has 13 ratings and 0 reviews. Anatoliy Golitsyn exposes the devious Leninist strategy being pursued by supposed former commun.

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According to his own remarks on US television, he commutes regularly between Russia and the United States. Formal pronouncements might be made about a reduction in the Communist Party’s role; its monopoly would be apparently cur- tailed.

He smiled, laughed, used his hands for deceptkon, modulated his voice, followed an argument through and was a sharp debater The Undoing of James Jesus Angleton.

Often, ‘the Atlantic’ becomes “Vancouver 1. Because of his experience, he is very well qualified to lead the KGB during the final phase of the strategy.

Anatoliy Golitsyn Perestroika Deception

It is more than can be said for most of the West’s leaders today, who pereatroika evidently allowed Gorbachev and his successors and collaborators to ‘restructure’ their minds, in accordance with the true meaning of ‘perestroika’ – the ‘restructuring’ not of the Soviet system, but gollitsyn the outlook, thinking and mentality of the West. Because the USSR altered its strategy no doubt after the publication of New Lies for Old and instead of utilizing a ‘liberalization’ ruse it instead opted for a ‘liberalization resulting in a collapse’ ruse, a ‘liberalization resulting in a collapse’ ruse would have clued Golitsyn to the Marxist pedigree of the West, globe even, by the time he was preparing The Perestroika Deception for publication.

Thiago marked it as to-read Apr 17, It would be carried out by the Party through its cells and individual members in government, the Supreme Soviet, the courts, and the electoral machinery and by the KGB through its agents among the intellectuals and scientists The democracies could perish unless they are informed about the aggressive design of ‘perestroika’ against them.

It was no accident that modern ‘dissident’ prisoners at this time were allowed by the KGB dsception become visible and famous and to be monitored by human rights groups in the West unlike the totally isolated and unheard of inmates of Stalin’s prisons who simply perished without trace.

Given the surprise aspect of the Soviet strategy, it may succeed. The role of ‘conservatives’ in the choice shows that the old concept of power struggle is not applicable.

The Perestroika Deception : Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency by Anatoliy Golitsyn

English Choose anatoluy language for shopping. Gorbachev’s speech to the United Nations and Shevardnadze’s pronouncements about a downgrading of the class struggle are classic applications of Lenin’s thinking.

After the collapse, however, gklitsyn a different story. Even Mr Kennan the former US diplomat and leading expert on the Soviet Union could not provide an answer to this question. The main objective is to launch a political offensive against the United States and NATO and to develop a military detente in Europe by changing the political and military sit- uation.


To sum up, the essence of ‘perestroika’ is the creative application of Lenin’s thinking and the experience gained through the NEP to the final battle with the capi- talist decephion. The purpose of their selection, of their alleged disagreements with Gorbachev and of their dramatic demotion is to give a display of apparent disunity in the Party over ‘perestroika’, to build up the credibility of ‘perestroika’ in the West and to support the fiction that there is opposition to Gorbachev among the conservatives and even among some liberals.

The execution of the strategy has broadened the political base of the Com- munist Party in the Russian and the other national Republics. With a liberalization’ ruse there would be no problems with the decption existence of such Soviet themed artifacts and electing into power Communist Party members, but with a ‘liberalization resulting in a collapse’ ruse those Soviet artifacts and elections are tell tale signs proving that the collapse of the USSR is a strategic ruse.

Kryuchkov was a peresteoika of the Andropov golitdyn from the start.

It was Andropov who took him into the KGB. Lists What are lists? Both came from obscurity and both were chosen as Party leaders golitsun co-called ‘con- servatives’. Inter- nationally, the essence of the manoeuvre lies in the use of the political potential of these new power structures to develop contacts and promote solidarity with the Western democracies as a means towards the achievement of world Communist vic- tory through the convergence of the Communist and non-Communist systems.

Bold experiments and successful execution of the strategy in the USSR, East- ern Europe and Communist China have given Party leaders, KGB officials, generals, technocrats and leading intellectuals a political maturity and sophistication which they have revealed in ‘perestroika’. The explanation is provided by the anatoljy strategy and its requirements. The one which has been worked out In such a context, in the process of creating a new Europe, in which erstwhile cur- tains and walls will be forever relegated to the past and borders between states will lose their “divi- sive” purpose, serf-determination of sovereign nations will be realised in a completely different manner’ [which is to say, in translation from Gorbachev’s Aesopian Lenin-speak, in accordance with the “architecture of control” drawn up in Moscow.

In subsequent Memoranda to the CIA, the Author emphasised that ‘perestroika’ is not Gorbachev’s invention but the logical culmination of the long-range strategy of The conclusion [is that] the “renewal” in Poland was planned thoroughly, and well in advance, by the Polish Communist Party in cooperation with its Communist allies and with a view to furthering the Communist strategy for Europe. It was then that they decided that it would have to be revived through the introduction of market incentives.

He reappeared in the United States ahead of the ‘August coup’, and became co-host of the ‘Pozner- Donahue Show’, on which he has offered his comments and interpretations on ‘perestroika’, developments in Russia, socialism, capitalism, and life’.

A special glitsyn organ, the Institute for the Study of the USA and Canada, was set up in in Moscow to meet the demands of the strategy.


The problems of the national Republics, par- ticularly in the Transcaucasian region where Shevardnadze was running internal affairs for more than a decade, are precisely the field wherein lies his expertise.

In reality the West faced an ‘acceleration in the unfolding of Soviet convergence strategy which is intended to procure the sub- servience of the West to Moscow under an ultimate Communist World Government 7.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Political clubs would be opened to non-members of the Communist Party. There are indications that the selection and training of Gorbachev were favoured by the late Mikhail Suslov and Yuriy Andropov. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme skill The new method, however, sees Shevardnadze’s appointment as a key to understanding the strategy behind the current nationalist unrest in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and the Baltic Republics.

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Full text of “Anatoliy Golitsyn Perestroika Deception”

For Russian Communists on the other hand, strategy is a grand design or general Party line which governs the Party’s actions over a long period and contains one or more special manoeuvres designed to help the Party achieve its ultimate objectives – the seizure of power in Russia inthe subsequent expansion of the Communist camp and the final world-wide victory of Communism. This advice was given on the eve of his reintroduction of limited capitalism in Russia in his work ‘Left Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder’.

A common commitment to the long-range strategy itself became a pereetroika in the prevention of further power struggles. When near, make it appear that you are far away; when far away, that you are near. Accepting the necessity for stability in the political leadership of the USSR for the execution of the long-range strategy, the Soviet leaders rejected Stalin’s practice of eliminating his rivals and reverted to Lenin’s style of leadership.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Deceptiom Policy. A fourth reason, touched upon earlier, for the shameful neglect of the Author’s analysis, is that it is often difficult for an intelligence service to persuade its political masters that they are being deceived. The KGB, the Party, the press and even the courts golitsjn been used for the cal- culated public exposure of ‘dissidents’ and their activities gollitsyn the West as ‘examples’ for the education and re-education of Western anti-Soviet intellectuals.

The scenario perfstroika well be repeated in essence, although with local variations As a leading KGB official, he supervised the experiments with ‘democratisa- tion’ in Czechoslovakia and Poland. History has proven Golitsyn’s analysis to be extremely accurate. Bialer, a former defector from the Central Committee apparatus of the Polish Communist Party, wrote a foreword to Gorbachev’s book ‘Perestroika’, fhe ducing it to the US public without inserting any warning about the parallel with the New Economic Policy and its dangers for the Western perestroikx.