Find A Textbook Of Electrical Technology by Theraja, B L Theraja and A K at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good. Title, Textbook of Electrical Technology. Author, A. K. Theraja B. L. Theraja. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, S. Chand, Limited, ISBN, : A Textbook of Electrical Technology: Contents 1 Electric Current and Ohms Law 2 DC Network Theorems 3 Work Power and Energy 4.

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When viewed inwards from terminals A and B, the circuit consists of two parallel paths: Current through 40 Q Fig. Simplifying the series-parallel combinations, and solving the circuit, the source cur- rent is to amp.

A circuit is a closed conducting path through which an electric current either flows or is inteneded flow. In the circuit show in Fig. The matrix form of the above three equations can be written by electriccal of the given network as under: The framers of the Indian Constitution were well aware about their miserable and apathetic living conditions, who have continued to be socially condemned and economically oppressed for centuries.

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A W, llO-V and a W, 1l0-V lamps circuited, the reading of the voltmeter will are connected in series across a V d. As seen there are two resistances of 20 Q and 9. A linear circuit is one whose parameters are constant i. The first volume deals with mantras, installation of the main Linga in the temple, and more techhology with Architecture and iconography.


First, we will find the value of current supplied by the source when a ‘short’ is put across in terrnials A and B as shown in Fig. If it is the other way around, then battery e.

The two voltage sources have been converted into their equivalent current souces in Fig. A galvanometer of 20 Q resistance is connected across BD.

A Textbook of Electrical Technology by A.K./A Vol-I pdf ~ Ebooks Hub

The current i2 can again be found with the Fig. With reference to Fig. Compute the resistance of the whose network as looked into from these two terminals after all voltage sources have been removed leaving behind their internal resistances if any and current sources have been replaced by open-circuit i.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Hence, copper conductor will carry There are four possible dependent sources: Apply Kirchhoff’s voltage law.

The two batteries in parallel are placed in series with a regulating resistance of 5 Q and connected across V mains. It is also called Thevenin resistance Rthor Tj’ 4.


For example, in Fig. Find the currents in all the resistors textobok Superposition theorem in the circuit shown in Fig. B For finding Rth’ we short-circuit the 48 V source.

The average values are 55 ohms and 63 ohms. For this purpose we will replace current source by an open circuit and the 20 V source by a short circuit as shown in Fig. Compute total circuit resistance and battery current 6 in Fig.

Textbook of Electrical Technology – A. K. Theraja B. L. Theraja – Google Books

It may be noted that if a voltmeter is connected across electrial open bulb, it will read full supply voltage of V. A lead wire and an iron wire are connected in parallel. Hence, this theorem may be stated as follows: This book meets the requirements of Ist Year B.

Use Thevenin ‘s theorem, tofind the value of load resistance RL in the circuit of Fig. The actual directions are as shown in Fig.