Writing with the pseudonym “Andrew Berwick”, Breivik penned a 1,page manifesto entitled A European Declaration of Independence — a reference to. Now begins the last installment of my look at If you’re just now joining the discussion, this is the fourth in the series. You can click these. Breivik explains he wrote because the information contained therein has been deliberately concealed from the European peoples by their governments.

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He was also shoplifting. He makes it very clear no one else knew about what he wanted to do. The notion that Breivik is a part of a resurrection of a long defunct order of Crusaders set on releasing Europe from the grasp of Islam is laughable.

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The first prize goes to you Anita, for your cocksure but thoughtless declaration out from somewhere in Texas, U. Retrieved 27 December Plus at some point permitting odious ideas to be stated openly on my site weighs heavy on me.

Fjordman argues that the Netherlands is becoming just as totalitarian as other Western countries. Retrieved 9 October While the media portray immigrants as positively as they can, immigrants groups cause riots and arson, attack Dutch services such as public transport employees and emergency aid. The extremist and militant groups are working toward the same goal — an Breiik world state — with different agents:. Leader of the right-wing Progress Party, Mr.

The Arab states had at brekvik Cairo Conference in made claims on Europe: One of the best examples I will discuss later in this article are his demented, detailed, excruciating instructions for what Europe should do if the birth rates brivik native Europeans do brejvik improve.

Take this from page Brief overview of brave Europeans who made a stand against Islamic invasions in Europe. Norwegian Order of Freemasons. We must free all Europeans from cultural Marxism and the shackles of political correctness”. Retrieved 9 January The chasm between our beliefs is too wide. Jagland worries about the possibilities of a new kind of powerful Fascist movement in Europe, and quite frankly, so do I.


Yes, I know — this might sound repulsive to big badass warriors like us, but we must look our best for the shoot — Use your best clothing — you can f example bring 3 different sets of clothing to the shot location — 1. Review of a book on the Cultural Marxist movement: And hatred of the Jews is not the at the core of Islam.

I could not find anything to bolster his assertions about his mother. Breivik explains that the two camps of today’s war are not economically but culturally oriented: The one Swedish party that voices most Swedes’ concerns about their country’s immigration and integration policies, the Sweden Democrats, is under fire from the media and anti-fascist mobs.

I warn you — Part Three is the least interesting part of my analysis and probably reads that way. No trivia or quizzes yet. And I tend to think a professional would have known that the ornate font usage combined with red on a black background would have resulted in a visually difficult video, at best.

O God, make their children orphans, and defile their abodes, and cause their feet to slip, and give them and their families, and their households and their women and their children and their relations by marriage and their brothers and their friends and their possessions and their race and their wealth and their lands as booty to the Muslims”. Educate the European peoples about the ongoing political, social and demographical development. Ensure that the assembly phase does not last longer than it 20833 7 days maximum.

‘Breivik manifesto’ details chilling attack preparation – BBC News

This is how they manage to convert a single voice into something ten times as powerful a form of force multiplicationto influence national policies and receive funding to implement an agenda that the majority of the people bbreivik.

The placement of the numbers eight and three in “” was originally thought to be his inspiration for the title, but it is likely little more than a tertiary factor. I got stuck in this ugly hate machine for weeks, struggling to digest this hateful shit. They, on the other hand, have the exact opposite objective. But what will happen if women cannot get their reproductive acts together and bring up the population numbers among the native Europeans?


Jul 25, Pat Schakelvoort rated it liked it. If it occurs to you to ask where the European baby factories get their ova and sperm, he explains it, from page I can just see fifteen year old girls all over Europe getting pregnant with no recourse but marriage.

Bbreivik this is true for many cases. They were born here. Thanks for reading all of what I have written and thanks for your encouragement. Mass immigration has caused capacity problems in the services of education, public health and housing, but the Labour Party itself benefits from a broader voter base of immigrants who vote Labour.

We need to increase our fertility rate from the European average non-Muslim of 1,5 to 2,3 2,1 being a minimum.

I found this manifesto absorbing in places because I thought I might finally find an answer to many questions about Breivik and those that I have about myself. Let’s end the stupid support for the Palestinians that Eurabians have encouraged, and let’s start supporting our cultural cousin Israel.

This chapter provides an overview of what percentages of Muslims non-European countries are currently at, and what consequences that has. This short chapter includes a British patriot’s article on intimidation: If Breivik says that he has psychiatric problems, then he has picked them out of a book; if he says that he doesn’t have psychiatric problems, then he doesn’t have psychiatric problems.

To avoid letting the youth loose among his peers, he was sent directly to a jail in Oslo to serve time for several robberies, a rape, and assisting another rape. How do you say in the U.